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    Quote Originally Posted by JeenLeen View Post
    @Erulasto: can Haralambos, upon realizing that he's getting a strong reading from Colton, ask him (as they walk to the pit) "Demons are a tricky lot, liars, disguisers. Do you know if that guy really worships demons, or is one? He looks evil, but I don't want to kill someone who is just an idiot with stupid tattoos, even if they're mean. And I don't know if I trust those two girls. Pretty but cruel. They look like they stink of demons. Why are they wanting fighters? Do they work for Darkness? Are they really humans?"

    Such would be "in-character" for Madman Harry. Colton probably just humors him and tries to keep him from ticking off the prestigious guests, but his answer should resonate against the truth of the Symphony to give insight.

    With that, I realize that the Seraphim Resonance with a check of 6 is... kinda broken for info-gathering purposes. Even if Colton truly believes they don't work for demons (because he doesn't believe in them), as long as he is telling what he think is true or false, it will reveal the actual truth, right?
    I'm guessing the person has to have some idea to answer truthfully or falsely, or the Resonance fails to respond. Like, I couldn't ask Colton "Who are the Prophets dreaming of Cassiel?" and perceive the Truth from his confused stuttering, correct?

    I'm also wondering: do the demons know (or do I know if they know) that Madman Harry is an angel? Haralambos has been operating in the city for a couple years, but since LA has been in 'cold war' mode, it's mostly been fighting imps, Soldiers of Hell (if you allow it), and intimidating/beating up people. There would be occassional noise when he fights, from beating up humans, but unless an angel or demon is nearby they probably don't track it to him personally, but just know some angel or demon (or Soldier using Songs) was active.
    I can see the demons thinking he might be a Soldier of God, but being unsure, thinking maybe he's just a crazy, strong idiot. That's if he's on their radar at all. If you're cool with some level of ignorance, I'd prefer that being the case.

    BUT if they know, that's cool, too. Haralambos isn't subtle, and his persona would definitely attract interest from any demons.

    My guess would be a Shedim trying to possess him. Maybe you and Malcolm did well enough on your Perception rolls to sense it?
    Do Shedim and Kyriatos (sp) manifest multiple celestial bodies as they move to possess people?

    Okay, I'll touch on things as they come to mind.

    First off, in regards to killing in the Gravel Pit? It's an underground fight club. If someone is killed, so be it - the event organizers will clean up the mess and dispose of the body. But if it becomes a habit, then the Management may take the time to come and have a chat with the perpetrator. Too much killing is bad for business.

    As far as the Resonance goes, I like what Anyr said. I realize the Seraph resonance can be a bit arbitrary in some regards, so I've always just defaulted a bit to the notion of common sense in regards to its resolution. Sorry. I'm all for handing out the Truth for a lot of things, but I don't want major campaign spoilers from Joe-Blow in a dive bar or fight club. If you can snare the spoilers from someone who'd actually know about it, then I'd be more than happy to give that info.

    I hope that's not too much of a problem.

    As far as the Demons knowing? It's likely that your reputation will grow among the Demons as you dispatch more and more of them. But to actually find out you're an Angel they'd need to see you perform a Song, switch vessels, assume Celestial form, or - perhaps cause a ripple in the Symphony if you did something out of character for Harry. But for the most part, at this point, they'd likely think your some whack-job Soldier whose got a hard-on for finding and smacking down those you perceive as Demons. The fact that you rough Soldiers up as often as Demons may make them think that you can't tell the difference between the two. They'd keep an eye on you, but until you started making moves against the 'Big Players' of the Los Angeles demon community, you'd be a thorn and an annoyance more than a threat.

    But Heaven help you if they find out you ARE an Angel.

    Shedim can only possess one body. They lose the divine gift of multiplicity. That's what made Legion such a monster. He's the only Shedim to figure out how to do it again - plus he figured out how to possess more bodies than his forces would allow. Hence the name - Legion.

    And in the case of Kyriotates, they've still got only one celestial body.

    I may get you to pre-roll a few combat rolls and post them here or in an OOC spoiler - just in case. I'm kosher with that.

    As for your first point - about the conversation with Colton? I'll answer that IC.
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