Aden turned towards the apparition as it came into focus. The image was certainly a disturbing one, but Aden had seen enough disturbing images at this point. The thief planted his spear in the ground, and bowed, slightly. "We thank you for your hospitality, Guardian, and ask your forgiveness for our slow awakening. Some mischief seems to have been done to us. And while..."

Aden glanced backwards at Ecta's unmoving body. "Hell's bells. Look, Guardian, I've never been good at talking fancy like you do, so I'm sorry if I do you any offense. Our companion's in a bad way. If you've been keeping us safe this far, will you help us find Denil's shaman friend? Keep us safe until we can get Ecta help? It's asking more after you've done us a service already, I know. But...I dreamed of the First. I think. I don't know, exactly. A voice told me you'd be here. Told me to tell you we serve The First. That we seek to end chaos. That you would help us find the path. Truth told, I don't know what that means. But as much as I want answers, Ecta's our first priority. So will you help us get where we're going?"