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    24th of Abadius, Sunday - Time: 4:03 am (Morning) / AR 4707 (Winter)
    The Lost Coast Road; Sandpoint Hinterlands
    The Gap; Point 19: The Sacred Grove

    The Waldfrau nodded in acknowledgement of the scarred man's words. She paused briefly at his mention of the strange dream-vision's naming of The First, whatever - or whoever that was. The glade seemed to briefly dim then lighten, as if a shadow passed by; a shadow in the shape of a massive taloned hand. "I see... What you speak is true." The owls echoed. "Pay no mind to formality. You are not of our kin nor custom, and so such cannot be expected of you. It is my duty to protect you, and see you through my domain. I would see you to the end of your destination, but I have tended to both body and spirit beneath four moons. My time now diminishes as I do... Ehm, simply put; I am not such a creature which should exist beneath the light of day. Four suns I have suffered for you, but a fifth I cannot abide. No longer can I remain within your world for days without rest. I will provide safe passage, but you've less than an hour's time to appreciate such succor. For with the first light of dawn, I will be made to depart."

    Raising a ghostly hand the circling trees begun to part forming a path. "The man you seek dwells beyond this path. I will explain what I may with these brief moments, but there will be time for answers. Return again when night has fallen. You'd best move quickly." The mist seemed to drift down the new dirt pathway which led away from the clearing, it flooded forth as if funneling through a tube. Its height and distance strictly contained, as if invisible surfaces guided the humid smog.

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