As the voice spoke again she began looking all around her for the source, Denil had called out to the beast and a clink of porcelain sounded before she was thrust into a vision. It played in her mind and just as quickly as it came it was suddenly gone, a memory followed it, one that must of been of her previous life. The doors that she knew but could not know, what were they... how did she use them, she could not remember. As the mist retreated from the clearing she finally was able to see the being that had been speaking to them. The woman was sitting there drinking tea, for some reason it unnerved her. The woman called herself Waldfrau and was apparently the Guardian of the Sacred Grove - Du'ased'taur, that must be where they are at now. At the mention of The First her mind drifts back to the vision she had seemed to share with the others, it had been a vision from The First, one that had tasked them with finding out the truth of the Veilbeasts. The First had stated that The Guardian of the Sacred Grove would be able to help them with this. Before she could ask the woman about the questions she had Denil spoke up about finding safety with a shaman that lived close by. She thought that it would be a great idea, she herself was a shaman of sorts as well as a witch, so maybe this woman could teach her something useful as well as help Ecta.

As Aden spoke she moved closer to Denil as to possibly assist with Ecta, Hearing Aden say that he was for going to the shaman was a blessing. "At least someone in this damned place can think smart, hopefully the others won't take an issue with leaving that idiot to the Sczarni. Best keep him around, he seems useful enough." As Aden mentioned the vision to Waldfrau, she once again thought that this man would be of use to her later in life. As the mist drifted down to the ground creating a path for them to walk through the forest on she couldn't help but take a step closer towards Waldfrau. The question was on the tip of her tongue, what was this being... could she really reveal the secrets of the veilbeasts to them? Looking back towards the path that was created she slowly steps towards it keeping her eye on Waldfrau as best as she could. "I thank you for the assistance, umm if its not to much then we will be back. If the vision that The First spoke to us in was real and true then you could very well help us in understanding the Truth of the Veilbeasts. If your aid is needed then we will request that aid of you, if you aren't able to stand the sun then we will be back once its dark to speak with you again. I do ask that during that time you provide us with protection as you have done for these past few days." Turning fully to the woman, she bows deeply to show her gratitude to Walfrau before making her way back over to the path. As she goes to step on the path she looks back once more in wonder of what the woman is and begins to think deeply on it.

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Some Rolls

(Rolling twice and taking best due to Focused Mind)
Know Abstracts: (1d20+21)[41] or (1d20+21)[31]
Know Forbidden: (1d20+26)[38] or (1d20+26)[39]