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    24th of Abadius, Sunday - Time: 4:04 am (Morning) / AR 4707 (Winter)
    The Lost Coast Road; Sandpoint Hinterlands
    The Gap; Point 19: The Sacred Grove

    Denil raised a brow at Feliks's use of tools. If the alchemist didn't know any better, he might have thought the halfling to be impressed. "Fine use of tools. That creativity is gonna save these kid's lives one day. I might make an adventurer of you yet... but lets use this." Placing down his absurdly overstuffed bag he easily pulled out a folding steel stretcher. Though it was light, it was strong and ridged when the joints were locked into place, firm nylon straps allowed the victim to be securely held in place without risk of falling out. Legs fixed with sturdy polypropylene wheels were bolted to each limb and held safety latches to keep them from spinning or allowing free movement or dictating a particular direction. "You can keep this one, I'm sure you'll put it to good use." With some difficulty Ecta was secured in place on the modern stretcher, ready to be moved.

    Spoiler: Item: Muti-level Folding Stretcher

    Weight: 5lbs (folded) 15lbs (unfolded)
    Weight capacity : 700lbs
    Benefit: Allows a creature to be moved (dragged) at the operators full land speed. Creatures in this device gain a +2 bonus to fortitude saves made to stabilize.

    The unnerving apparition took another sip from her cup, nodding at Stella. "Of course. Though, it would do you well knowing that it is not The First with whom you've been given word, but another. Something else. Someone, once, but no longer." The tree's seemed to rotate, revolve, as if each root were fixed upon some manner of conveyor-belt, moving the Waldfrau's perch as they all set off into motion. Only Stella could see the strange silhouette of hands upon each tree, they moved and pulled, pushed, dancing in a perfect unity - as if directing the movement of trees. The party pressed forward down the misty pathway which had been provided to them, with the Waldfrau's tree seemingly cruising like a wooden vessel through the land at their side. She didn't speak at first, but seemed to quietly eye the woman. "You can see them, can you not? The hands. Seeing such things while not made manifest makes one a Witch in our realm, but they are from different from what you might call a 'witch' in your lands. They do not control such magics which could burn nor maim or kill. They are the intermediaries between the gods, their servants and the natural order. Keepers of a cycle of balance which maintains the harmony between the planes of our homeland. It is a rare gift."

    Though the memory was distant, it revealed itself within the back of her mind. It was this world that Waldfrau spoke of which Adessa hailed from. Whatever it was called, the name had escaped her, but this unique awareness was the foundation of her magic - true magic, not the comedic routines of the wizards of this world. There were forces which bound and the threads of every reality and every universe. They could be grasped, twisted, unraveled and remade. Each practice of variant magic which was penned in her earliest works was simply a stepping stone, a means to an end to achieve that awareness here, with those unique forces that fabricated the Great Beyond. That sudden realization seemed to open an eye once closed within her mind, she could see it now, thin glass-like spider threads of energy filling the forest-world around her. The black hands pulled, twisted and tugged at them, weaving intricate patters of geometry. With each gesture the world changed, the tree moved forward. Dozens of hands grasping a single series of threads, to deliver a mind-numbing amount of iterations of commands for each tree moved, for each foot advanced. It happened to effortlessly, without the slightest gesture of difficulty. "So you can see it now as well. Good. You will need to reclaim your power if you wish for the strength to face the creatures who plague your world." (Knowledge: Abstract - Passed)

    Main Quest: The Secret of Beasts
    Disoriented and bewildered, the party finds themselves waking from a strange vision in a place they have never been. Waking on the ground of a forest after an unknown period of time has past, they are confronted by the Guardian of this forest. The dream-visions still linger fresh in each of their minds, haunting them with questions and no answers. If what was experienced could be through of as true, the death of the world loomed upon them, and when this tortured vessel - this Colossus, who carried the darkness fell, everything would end beneath its crushing weight. They had to do something before it was to late, they had to uncover the secret of the beasts.
    Difficulty: None| Status: On-going | Profit: Unknown | Time: Unknown
    Objective: You have found the Guardian, but she cannot remain during the day light hours. Answers to problems and perhaps even your muddled memories lay with her. Return during night and learn what you can.

    The eyeless gaze of the Guardian shifted over to Aden and his companions, "These... Veilbeasts, as you call them, are not creatures of your world. They are native to my own, and they are called Ramath'barra. They are existences now born from the cleansed souls of those who have departed from life, but this was not always so. These creatures are the memories of suffering, dreams of pain, and every agony which is stripped from a mortal soul. With every death, the soul is cleansed of memories and pain of their life to be made ready for their rebirth. Ramath'barra are the 'soul-waste' which how polluted the worlds of my realm. To remedy this, The Third divided the material plane of our realms between Isto'thac, the land of nightmare-dreams, and Tangi'thac the land of waking day. Du'ased'taur, my grove, is a place of rest for my children, the Aphyon'beksu. We are owls, Elil of Isto'thac who feed upon your Veilbeasts - the Ramath'barra. If you wish to learn to defeat such creatures, you must also understand that there are very different types of these 'Veilbeasts', and they hold no relation to one another. Just as a 'mortal' may be a human or elk. Never confuse Ramath'barra with Ramath'silinrul, they are not prey, nor are they created by the waste of passing spirits. They exist as written by The First, each created by her own hand and wield frightful strength and purpose - for like me, they are Elil."

    The edge of the forest begun to creep into view, a chill wind crept into the humid warmth. It seemed to grow with each step as they pressed on forward, the mist thinning as they went. In the distance a large mound of earth and wood stood defensively placed between large boulders and old wilting trees. They had walked for some time. Beads of bone and strange painted charms lay all about the closer they came. "From here you should manage. My time has almost passed, now I must depart. Farewell." The Guardian's form seemed to blur and fade until she and her trees were no where to be seen. Denil continued on forward, pulling on a rope which hung from a tree as he went, causing a series of bells and chimes to ring off in the distance.

    Spoiler: (Stella) Knowledge (Forbidden)

    A voice seemed to whisper out from somewhere. It wasn't physically present, and nothing truly reached her ear. It was as if her heart had caught hold of some distant emotion from far away, and those feelings were made into words. She couldn't understand them, almost impossible to make out. Like eavesdropping on whispers from a well, white noise.

    An old voice called out from somewhere off in the distance, perhaps from inside the earthen house, "Wenyri, is that you?". A gray haired man with a moderate beard emerged from behind a heavy wooden door. He supported his weight on a solid wooden cane, and despite his haggard appearance his hair and clothes were well maintained. His clothes were traditional Erutaki garments of lightly colored greens, blues and whites, with a heavy woolen pancho and an assortment of scarves embroidered with Varisian patterns. The old man paused in the doorway, squinting his eyes, "...Is that... Denil Demn?" The halfling snorted "Either that or you're finally going mad, old man." The silvered shaman stroked his beard, "It's been.... huh, twenty years?" The shortman had made it to the front of the shaman's home as he spoke. "Well, that sure was a pleasant surprise.... See you in another twenty, you rat-faced gremlin." The door slammed sharply behind the man as he skulked back into his home. "You rotten old man! Open this damn door before I blow it down!"

    Spoiler: (Stella) Knowledge (Forbidden)

    It struck suddenly, a wash of crushing darkness to drown out the rest of her world.

    "Hmmm... And just what manner of creature are you supposed to be?"

    The voice was deep, almost charming with an effortless eloquence. Within the void of darkness, something was with her, something was here. Her vision slowly begun to come into focus. The distant flicker of crimson fireflies drifted to and fro, broken stone and shattered furniture about the size of what might be used by halflings lay scattered about. There was dried spatters of blood across the mud-brick walls and mortar, which had been built with so much care. He was a massive thing, which could barely fit properly in the room. A great lumbering mound of shifting fur and muscle, with fangs the size of her forearm.

    The massive wolf slowly smiled uncharacteristically. He was no animal, the cunning and guile in his eyes gleamed with an intelligence far greater then perhaps even herself. "No tail? No ears? ...What could you be, I wonder." The massive creature paced a circle about her, it's words carried a cloud of breath which smelled like scented corpses, bodies washed and doused with perfume after preservation. Each powerful word delivered from his great maw pushed her hair with the weight of the air. His lips and face possessed the intricate definition to perfectly annunciate words, despite his canine appearance. Occasionally, his nine-foot long tail would thrash up, wiping her as he paced his circle - evidently intrigued and uncertain, contemplating the mystery of what manner of creature she was. He he never seen a human before? It begged the question of just where she had found herself.

    "Tell me Furless, what do they call you?"

    Spoiler: Actions

    - Spite: 1
    - Stella cannot act in the physical world until her encounter ends. She will remain in a trace-like stupor until she returns.

    Spoiler: Curent Time

    24th of Abadius, Sunday - Time: 4:54 am (Morning) / AR 4707 (Winter)
    The Lost Coast Road; Sandpoint Hinterlands
    The Gap; Point 19: The Sacred Grove

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