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Krayger smiles and finishes the drink, placing the glass back to the counter with a satisfied clack.
"Well, trying new things has gone well for me so far. So I think that's a pretty decent philosophy to follow." agrees the minotaur. He checks his pocket-watch. It's later than he usually goes out drinking alone, but he supposes there's no harm.

"So what can I do you for, then?" asks Asterios, eyeing the empty glass. "Another of the same?"

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Raril rests an elbow on the table and cradles his chin in his hand, looking at Cassandra. He sighs. She obviously wasn't ok, but he couldn't force her to talk to him.

"How are you feeling?" He asks quietly.

"Like I don't need to throw up anymore." says Cass, her eyes still on the table. It's an honest enough answer, but probably still dodging the general thrust of what Raril was looking for here.