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    Arina was taken aback by the man's change in demeanour and his... unusual decor. Unconsciously wrapping her cloak a bit tighter around herself, she glanced to the others, nodding once, before entering and letting the door swing shut behind her. She picked her way closer, taking in everything, listening to the redoubled whispers in her mind. A thousand questions raced through her head, one most notable: Are there others like me? It was a question she'd considered and dismissed long ago. Had she accidentally stumbled upon another afflicted by this blessing? This curse?

    After a long silence, drawn longer in her own mind, Arina spoke. "We were on a job," she stated, standing off to the side of the old man's seat. No need to give too many details about the Club's business, it wasn't really relevant to what this stranger needed to know. "We all seemed to receive a vision of sorts--all of us Gales, I don't think Denil saw it--and woke up several days later out here. Couldn't remember the last few days before that ourselves. Ecta--the halfling--didn't wake up when the rest of us did. She still hasn't woken up. Denil said you could help." She paused once more before deciding not to mention the strange being they'd encountered when they awoke. Again, it had no bearing on Ecta's condition, as far as she could tell.

    The silence lingered for another moment, and Arina reached out a hand to one of the more well-formed apparitions floating around the room, and a chill ran up her arm. "The spirits," she asked quietly. "You see them too?"
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