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    She stood there listening to Afsppa’sol speak, the words he spoke resounding within her giving her knowledge of what she once was. She still did not remember it all but now she at least knew a bit more. If Afsppa’sol was right then she would have to pay some price to get her power back, what that price was and who she paid it to is something she would have to find out herself. Afsppa’sol was right though, she was a witch not a weaver… how this would end up getting her exiled and exactly what being exiled meant was another thing to research. Looking out over the city with Afsppa’sol she is in awe of the sheer size of the buildings, not only the size though, the sheer destruction that seemed apparent throughout it. The piles of tanned flesh unnerved her a bit, the faces of endless screaming not something she wanted to see at this time. Turning her focus back onto Afsppa’sol.

    The Hunt was mentioned again by Afsppa’sol, she had been hearing being talked about if for a while now and was still curious as to what exactly The Hunt entailed. Afsppa’sol said his price would not be small, and from the sound of it that was true. She had to find the Sixteenth Speaker and unbind the Dark Teller. Both of these being were unknown to her and would take time to find out who and where they were. Was it a price she was willing to pay, to possibly carry the same sins as her master… She would think on this more and determine if it was truly worth it or if maybe there was another way to gain her powers.

    Her body convulsed as her mind was thrust back into it, she collapsed to her knees as the muscles in her legs gave out from the stress caused by the spasms. The Knowledge she gained while in the other world was still with her, she understood now what the weave was she also knew that Adessa had found something more powerful. That was power that she wanted for herself, and if she had to pay Afsppa’sol’s price to get it then pay it she would. She sat there listening to the conversation that Denil and Feliks were having, this man that Denil had brought them to apparently was an Oddity. One that could be of use though if they could convince him to provide some assistance or sanctuary. Standing up she moved towards the door, random spasms still hit her muscles every so often as she found her way to it. Looking back towards Denil “I am in agreement with Feliks here… you should have told us he did not like you, could have saved us some time or perhaps we could have thought of a better way to introduce ourselves besides you being the one at the front. If this man can give us answers then it better to be gracious to him than to be an annoyance.” A frown sat on her face as she was currently very annoyed with both the spasms and that they were running out of time. Turning back to the door she reaches her hand up and knocks lightly on it, “Excuse me Sir, it is almost daybreak here and we would really love to have a safe place to wait it out. Waldfrau brought us here because Denil said you could help us out, I know you and him have had your differences but I would really appreciate it if you would assist the rest of us at least. Especially me in that regard, Denil said you know things… that you see things, I have been seeing things as well and would love it if you could help me figure more of this out.” Taking a step back from the door in case it suddenly flung open she began to look around at the surroundings while listening for anything out of the ordinary.

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