Arina listened to the man closely, though she did not fully understand what he was saying. The Guardians, Wenyri... none of it was familiar, though she supposed this creature would be another like the Waldfrau they encountered earlier. Relicuum, though, that was a term she'd heard before--she had suspected some sort of powerful entity might have tied itself to her, more powerful than the trifling energies she dealt with normally, but she had never expected something of that scale. It would take some time to process fully. For the moment, she kept herself composed, trying not to show just how out of her depth she was. She gingerly took the stone from the box, turning it over in her fingers. Such a plain thing--weren't the great artifacts in all the old stories intricate things of gold and precious stones? Those had been the stories Ernard had liked, at least.

"Thank you," she said finally, turning back to the old shaman. "For keeping Ecta here and... and for telling me all this." She paused, searching the old man's face, wondering how much more to tell him. Denil had brought them here, presumably he wouldn't have done so if he didn't trust the man, despite the bad blood between them. "As for what we saw... it was a being of some sort, calling herself the Guardian of the Sacred Grove. She told us she would keep us safe until we left her domain. I suppose she is some relation to this... Wenyri you mentioned?"