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    She didn't like the look the skull gave her, and she was right not to. The being had spoken its name but something was wrong, she didn't hear what it had said. Everything just seemed odd, glancing around quickly she notices that the golden threads throughout the place were now different, there was a black space to them that should not have been there. This was not right, this being changed something drastically just by saying its name... She had not thought it possible that something so simple could affect the world in such a way. Looking back at the being she wonders what game this being was playing, what did he gain from doing such a thing. It spoke again claiming that they were now friends, it claimed that it would lend them its aid without cost. Such a thing could not be true, everything had a cost, Afsppa'sol had said so himself that there was always a price to be paid. She hoped that this price was not to hefty of one as she had no way to stop whatever aid this being was forcing on them.

    She felt it like the rest, the sudden darkness befalling this world before parting. The odd feeling permeated the air around her sending a chill throughout her being. Looking around she notices that the mist had vanished, the warmth had left the world once again. She watched helplessly as the leaves fell from the trees to stab into the earth, it was here again the dreaded cold that consumed all. She looked back at Denil a look of worry on her face, "All I did was ask his name, you said not to trust him in the first place... I did not see the harm in such a simple thing considering the others had been stating their names out loud." Looking back to Skullface, "A name doesn't make us friends just acquaintances, Friends wouldn't bring this death upon one another. If you were to return everything to how it was then we could possibly be friends but as it stands we are not." She started to hear them, the moans in the forest as the creatures made there way towards them. She had to act fast lest she die to them or the cold, her mind raced trying to think what could help them. "Denil, I will have to turn to your knowledge now on this. I have never been caught outside during this time so I am unsure what actions would be best for now. I also would like to apologize for my actions and attitude, with all that has been happening I have been a bit overwhelmed and have lost myself to it. You tell me what to do to survive this and make it all right, I will follow your word to the letter on if it gets us through this." Fear was evident in her voice as she hurriedly spoke to Denil.

    Spoiler: OOC

    Both of these are to try and figure out how to survive what is coming...
    Know Primal: (1d20+21)[24]
    Know Abstract: (1d20+21)[36] or (1d20+21)[29]

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