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    24th of Abadius, Sunday - Time: 5:22 am (Morning) / AR 4707 (Winter)
    The Lost Coast Road; Sandpoint Hinterlands
    The Gap; Point 19: The Sacred Grove

    The old man nodded at Arina "Yes, Wenyri is head among the Guardians, he keeps them loyal and focused to their tasks. That primarily being maintaining the Balance and natural order between our worlds- "

    Main Quest (Calamity): A World Led To Ruin I - The Battle of Ulbeph
    There were some forces which had once existed to purge the stagnant threads of the Weave, and cleanse the decay of a rotting universe, making new ground for the endless cycles of rebirth. Long has it been since those entities fell into a deathlike slumber, forgetting their own purpose. Now a rift has formed, a displacement and corruption of the the destined fates woven within the Weave - a Calamity. Forces of misfortune which never were have been born, binding themselves to the addled and misfeatured destinies of mortal souls. The world was being changed, rewritten - for the worse. A phenomenon called Divergence.
    Difficulty: Lethal | Status: On-going | Profit: Unknown | Time: 90 days
    Objective: Defeat Old King Aphlati of The Deep
    Success: Calamity conquered. Divergence reset to original time.
    Failure: Calamity becomes reality. Divergence becomes permanent. Main Quest Replaced.

    The words were cut short, the sudden wave of darkness blotting out the world, then vanishing without a trace. The eerie sense of displacement lingered in its wake. The old man sprang upright, eyes wide with a fearful awareness, "No... Not again..." The old man shook his head in disbelief. "Some idiot is ruining everything." He sharply turned to Arina with a spiteful glare, "Don't you become like these fools, ever. The Guardians are different, but you must never carelessly speak the names of the entities which linger between our worlds. Those are the names which identify their purpose, their existence within the Weave. Even if they have forgotten, their names have not. If you've the gift, you threaten to corrupt them and twist them out of line. If you do not understand the forces you encounter, then let them be." From outside the thundering sound of shattering limbs could be heard distantly, an unsettling racket that invaded the calm and quiet of the magical hut's interior. "Ugh.." The old man staggered backwards clutching his ears in pain, as if something else were piercing his senses.

    He fumbled about, stepping and breaking the small fetishes and toys which littered the ground, using a freehand to steady himself and follow the wall. "Something is wrong, she's confused." He grasped an old staff from the wall, "If what you say is so, then the Waldfrau will not come to our aid. She must have expended her energy in guiding you, and now she rests. You must help me, we must delay the spirit of the Frozen Eternal until Wenyri comes. While confused she will not listen to reason, she seeks to destroy the source of this corruption..." He extended the large staff of bone at the woman, charms and strange seals of an otherworldly design lay burned upon every corner of its surface. It almost looked like the head of a great elk with small crystals hanging from it, but the horns curved upwards and towards one another closely. "Go on. Take it. Focus and attune to it's magic, calm your mind and command it. When you are ready speak its name..."

    Spoiler: The Staff: Elahkhuur, The Spirit Song

    Attuning: Succeed a DC20 Spellcraft or UMD check.
    This check receives a +4 bonus from Mave's aid.

    Side Quest: Flight of the Bobolyne
    The deathly frost of the Uttercold descends from above, and hell awaits below. Abhorrent Veilbeasts fill the shades of the forest about them, and a dark figure smiles wickedly all the while. Has Denil's plan been foiled, was there any way out? Whatever they were going to do, they had to do it quickly.
    Difficulty: Challenging | Status: On-going | Profit: Unknown | Time: 5 minutes
    Objective: Survive.
    Alternate Objective: Outlast the quest timer. 1/5

    Denil's face rested squarely in his large sweaty palm for a moment, trying to reel himself back in. She's fifteen. She's fifteen. He repeated the mantra once more for good measure. He'd put a bullet in the back of men's head for less in darker days, but he wasn't Captain Damn anymore. That man had died with the memories he made great efforts to forget. He took a deep breath. "Kid... I haven't the slightest how you've survived this long. I've come to Point 19 on more than one occasion - it's the only safe space within the Gap before the fifth bell. This kinda sheit doesn't happen, because these things don't just tell anyone their names. Hell, they'd barely even talk to ya on a good day. At least that's what I thought til I came with Weiss. They'll chat ya up if you're one of them, or one of her folk." He shook a finger berating the girl, "If you have no idea what the hell you're doing, then don't screw with it. It isn't Skullface's fault sheit's going sideways." The skeleton leaned down to add his two cents, "He's right you know, you don't blame the knife when you cut your finger. Actually, I had thought you'd had that under control since you asked..." He spoke the last bit under his breath, but it was still perfectly audible. The halfling pointed his already reproaching finger at the skull-man next, "...And you, shut up. I'm not taking your side, you've caused enough trouble." The haunting figure grinned his rotting toothless grin, "I think I like the short-man."

    Denil crossed his arms, "If you want to fix this, you'll listen here. Weiss didn't tell me the finer details of how all this nonsense works, but I know enough. Whatever kinda spirit-thing Skull is, he can't make a damn bit'a difference without someone like you as an intermediary. If he's ain't taxing you, then you'll just have to accept whatever hate-energy crap that makes the world want to punch you in the face." "Spite." "Sure." "Who's Weiss?" "Shut up, bone face. You get it kid? As long as you don't get burned, or whatever they call it, you can still get rid of that hate-energy stuff on your own time. But right now, we need some spirit-monster help. That..." He pointed at the slowly descending black haze which was flash freezing everything it touched. "Leave that to Mave, I'm sure he's got a plan. We ain't going to all make it out in once piece if we try to make a run for it, better off waiting for a Guardian to fix this mess for us."

    Spoiler: Rewards

    ֍ Stella XP +100
    ֍ Arina XP +150

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