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    Hello. I am going to be running a campaign set in a Spanish-Inquisition-like setting, using a non-vancian rules-set. One of the major things I want to emulate in the setting is the creation of the Golem of Prague. Does anyone have an idea of how one could create a Golem without recouse to Vancian spellcasting? In particular, I am interested as to if anyone has developed a feat-tree of some sort that would allow for the creation of a Golem without using spells, or at least an idea of how to go about doing so.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    If there's only going to be one golem, you could have a specific feat (similar to Improved Familiar or Leadership), with a power level approximating that of an animal companion/cohort/special mount/familiar etc.

    Golem Cohort
    You are served by a mighty golem, but must keep the creature on a tight leash lest it wreak terrible and uncontrolled havoc.

    Craft Construct, Craft Magic Arms and Armour, Craft Wondrous Item, caster level 12th, Knowledge (religion) 15 ranks.

    You gain a clay golem as a loyal minion. It functions exactly as a standard clay golem, save that it has a cumulative 1% chance per encounter (rather than per round of combat) of going berserk. You may regain control over a berserk golem by speaking ancient religious phrases to it (requiring a DC 30 Knowledge (religion) check), which resets the chance back to 0%.

    The golem gains 4 bonus construct Hit Dice at 13th level and every level thereafter. If the golem has at least 19 Hit Dice its size increases to Huge.
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