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    Chaos Crane
    Alias: Professor Chaos
    Gender: His voice suggests that he's male, and so I'll be using he, but there's nothing else to suggest a gender
    Race/Species: Changed Human. Changed in that he's attached other body parts to himself.
    Age: 95, but he has the vigor and appearance of a 25-year old.
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Class/Profession: Mad Scientist
    Power Rating: B+(Probably. If you disagree, private message me with what you think his rating should be)
    Description: Chaos has blond hair that reaches down to his shoulders and tanned skin. He has red eyes and is in-shape, as well as being quite tall. He generally wears a grey muscle shirt underneath a white scientists coat, as well as black pants and combat boots. He wears a pair of rectangular black glasses.
    Personality: Chaos is okay with working in a hierarchy, but despises any suggestion of laws of nature or the like. He believes that all unmodified creatures are below him. Apart from those things, Chaos is kind to everyone, even if they're unmodified. That is, unless you make him mad.
    Equipment: Chaos always carries around a gem which can repress his modifications in order for him to blend in. He also carries around a combat knife and a flask of medicine which he must take every day to keep himself from being poisoned from the inside out.
    Abilities: While the crystal is activated, Chaos has the abilities of a strong human with some combat training. When he deactivates it, his arms become superhumanly strong and covered in bristly hair, his nails grow into claws, his blood grants him regenerative abilities unless he took the damage it's healing from holy or fiery means, and turns green. His eyes let him see in the dark, and his legs become insectoid, letting him jump up to 3 stories high. He also grows dragon wings big enough to carry this monstrosity of nature into the sky. On top of all this, 4 green tentacles burst out of his back, all of them just as strong as his arms. Finally, his hair turns jet black while in this form.
    Backstory: Chaos, upon studying different species, became obsessed with the idea of a creature made from the best parts of all the races. However, he read the story of Dr. Frankenstein, and he knew not to create a sentient creature. Instead, he started to add parts to himself in a quest for perfection. The rest of his backstory will come later.
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