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    Default Re: The LA-assignment Thread IV: Live Free or Hit Die Hard


    ...too obscure a reference?

    Anyways: the Armand is the answer to the question nobody ever asked, said question being: 'what if the Dwarven Defender was a race?'. The result is a 5 RHD, small-sized monstrous humanoid with what aren't very impressive ability scores (+6 constitution and dexterity).

    Armands can also enter a defensive stance as a move action, which gives them a sizeable bonus to AC as well as smaller bonuses to attack rolls and saves. Of course, it also restricts their ability to move, making it a very situational ability.

    The creature's other selling points are Stability (mostly negated by them being Small), and a slow burrow speed. The latter is quite rare on humanoid creatures, though, so it's worth mentioning.

    It's obvious that armands aren't exceptionally strong, but I believe they don't require -0 LA. Monstrous humanoid RHD still give full BAB, burrow speeds are exploitable, and Defensive Stance has its occasional use. +0 should be fine.
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