Captain Brighton pauses, then shrugs slightly. She knows she's partly to blame for the hostility she can sense from Yuuki, but she's hoping she hasn't pushed the young pilot too far. She seats herself once more, and takes the cup she just filled, placing it in front of her, then propping her elbows on the desk and folding her hands above it, just in front of her mouth. She seems to consider for a moment, before lowering her arms and interlacing her fingers in front of the cup.

"Well, help yourself if you change your mind." She looks down into the steaming cup for a moment, then back at Yuuki. "To be blunt, I wanted to talk about you. How you're doing. I know I've been rather hard on you this week. You're not here to be dressed down, or corrected. Or for more training. I pushed you this week. I pushed you as hard as I dared, mostly for two reasons. One, I needed to know that you wouldn't crack if faced with a horrible superior and stupid orders. That you'd keep doing your duty. I did this because if something ever happens to the ship, or to me, you might be saddled with a captain who wouldn't understand how you came to be in the service. And if you are to continue on your path, you need to be able to survive, no matter who's in command. Part of those survival skills are knowing when to put your head down and follow orders, even if they're dumb." She smiles gently. "And two, I've been trying to get you as up to speed on procedures you'll need whenever we wind up rejoining the fleet. I'm hoping that will be sooner, rather than later, but the Admirals have been rather mum on the subject, and I can only push so much." She picks up the cup and takes a long sip, before placing it back on the saucer.

"You've made excellent progress, and I'm very impressed. There are a few things we still need to go over, but they can wait for awhile. I am sorry for the ruse. It was not fun for me, either. I don't like doing things like this, but I felt it was necessary, since you're the only fully-able bodied pilot we have." Captain Brighton gives Yuuki a friendly smile. "I understand if you're angry with me. Yell, and scream, if you'd like, if it will help get the stress out. Heaven knows I do enough of it after talking to command sometimes. I'd even be willing to oblige you a sparring match in the gym, if you'd like to fight. But at the end of it, I really do need to know how you're doing, as honestly as you can tell me, and not what you think I want to hear, either. If you are having trouble in some way that I can help with, I would like to provide that help, if I can."

Athrusa awakens to the sounds of activity. People rush past in the hall, busy about something or other, though she can't make out anything they're talking about. Her normal suit has been laid out for her on a chair next to her bed. Despite her injuries, her body seems more agreeable now, and moving produces little, if any, of the pain she had earlier. Perhaps they gave her something while she was sleeping?