IVan Tessera
Station Exterior

IVan is sitting in the Sasha's cockpit with his helmet off, his fist pressed against his face, and his other hand tapping impatiently on the linear chair's armrest. Prepping for combat often gave him an excess of energy, and it certainly wasn't being.

"I doubt the Ragelians would be so easily cowed by two machines. They've already made a clean sweep of this system's defenses recently, so it's unlikely they'll suspect further forces. However,"
IVan starts as he begins flipping switches to engage the sturm booster on the Sasha's back, "this prototype still carries the sturm booster from its original Ares frame. It has some utility in a guerilla or 'hit-and-run' action. Drawing the enemy away from the station would be ideal, especially if they have pinpointed it's location yet." He takes a moment to chide his wingman, as the younger, less experienced pilot's enthusiasm would need curbing. "However, I'll remind you that we're no more bound for success than any other human deployment in this war. The odds are your machine's wetware will be meeting a catastrophic system failure."

"Wetware" is what IVan calls a pilot. Humanizing a war machine like himself would be quite indulgent. The label is apt, as a newtype is a part of their machine, and effective a processor for a psychoweapon's commands. A normal pilot might be insulted by the comparison, but Goldstein's a cyber new type in machine would make anyone "wetware," and some people might call the dissociating statement a euphemism.