Captain Brighton simply gives Yuuki a calm look, and finishes the last of the tea in her cup, before placing it gently back onto her desk, saying nothing for a moment, simply locking eyes with the young pilot. When she finally speaks, her voice is calm and even.

"I'm not." She sighs for a moment, looking away, before looking back to Yuuki. "Mayu had a way of...reaching people. Some of those people happened to be in...let's say, less than legal professions. Some of them happened to belong to the Knights of Sol. Since I worked with her on occasion, I got to know some of those people as well, and over the course of several operations, wound up having them owe me some favors. Your mother was fond of showing you off to people she considered friends. Some of them were the same people that owed me favors. They asked if I knew anything about you or your father because they were worried about you both. When I mentioned you were on board, they asked about you specifically, and I told them the files were actually for you. That made them more amenable to procuring the information. Your mother was only tangentially involved, you see."

She folds her hands in front of her again, resting on the desk.

"And don't misinterpret, either. I'm not saying you should believe what's on that datapad because of anything your mother did or didn't do, or would or wouldn't do. You can believe what you want. You asked me to give you a reason to trust it because the military has 'screwed you over', as you put it. I've given you a reason. It didn't come from the military. It came from the lab that turned Athrusa into what she is now. I acquired it because I figured you would need more proof than just the official records. If I were in your shoes, I would too. But you needed to know how I acquired it, its provenance. That is how I acquired it. If you'd like, I can call my contact in the Knights of Sol, and have him verify the file's authenticity. He'd be thrilled to finally get to meet you, since Mayu used to talk his ear off about you, but that's up to you."

The Nephilim's lead tech steps into Athrusa's room nervously and smiles at her.

"Well, actually, I wanted to talk to you about the Nephilim's cockpit system. The repairs have activated some things, and you should be aware of it before you try and pilot again." He shifts nervously. "There's some kind of AI system now linked to the direct interface. We're still not sure exactly what it does, but there's a risk that the AI may try to interfere with commands you give. As long as you're mentally ready for that possibility, in theory, you should be able to keep control of the suit."