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..."Living-Impaired" "Differently Animated" ...
Haha, those are awesome. Implementing them somewhere with your permission :)

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Unfortunately, I also ran into an issue. After I finished the spider cave, the "Onward" button did nothing, and I was stuck there until alt+f4ing out of the game. Did I ironically hit a bug after defeating the Spider Queen?
That's a standard, if ironic bug :P I'll look into it, do you happen to have not-run-the-game since then? If so there's a log file I'd really like to see at

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Cookie Byte Entertainment\Fort Triumph\output_log.txt

email it to [email protected]

Or use the debug console to send a report (tap an invisible button on the top-left 3 times, it'll bring up a bunch of options, one of them is to send a report)