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Lurinella d'Jorasco

Image "Female halfling monk" by Matt Morrow. Used without permission.

Race: Strongheart Halfling
Build Stub: Monk 2/Rogue 3/Scout 4/Eye of the Xanathar 10/Nosomatic Chirurgeon 1
Multiclass Penalty: Yes, ECL 13 to 20
Languages: Halfling, Common
Alignment: LE
Ability Scores:
Ability Score Racial (Points)
Strength 10 -2 (4)
Dexterity 18 +2 (10)
Constitution 12 - (4)
Intelligence 10 - (2)
Wisdom 15 - (8)
Charisma 12 - (4)
Ability Score Increases: Wisdom 16 (4th), Wisdom 17 (8th), Wisdom 18 (12th), Wisdom 19 (16th), Wisdom 20 (20th)

Spoiler: Build Progression

Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Halfling Monk 1 +0 +2 +2 +2 Hide 4, Intimidate 2(4cc), Know:LocalWaterdeep 2(4cc), MoveSilently 4, Spot 4, Tumble 4 Great Fortitude, Unbalancing Strike (Strongheart Halfling), Improved Unarmed Strike (Monk), Stunning Fist (Monk) Skirmish +1d6 (Halfling Monk ACF), Monk AC Bonus, Unarmed Strike
2nd Halfling Monk 2 +1 +3 +3 +3 Hide 5(+1), Intimidate 2, Know:LocalWaterdeep 2, MoveSilently 5(+1), Spot 5(+1), Tumble 5(+1) Weapon Finesse (Halfling Monk ACF) Invisible Fist (EoE ACF)
3rd Rogue 1 +1 +3 +5 +3 Heal 1(2cc), Hide 6(+1), Intimidate 4 (+2), Know:LocalWaterdeep 3(+1), MoveSilently 6(+1), Spot 6(+1), Tumble 5 Iron Will Sneak Attack +1d6, Mimic (EoE ACF)
4th Scout 1 +1 +3 +7 +3 Heal 1.5(+1cc), Hide 7(+1), Intimidate 4, Know:LocalWaterdeep 3, Know:Nature 4, MoveSilently 7(+1), Spot 7(+1), Tumble 5 Skirmish +2d6, Trapfinding
5th Scout 2 +2 +3 +8 +3 Heal 2(+1cc), Hide 8(+1), Intimidate 4, Know:LocalWaterdeep 3, Know:Nature 4, MoveSilently 8(+1), Spot 8(+1), Tumble 8(+3) Battle Fortitude +1, Uncanny Dodge
6th Scout 3 +3 +4 +8 +4 Heal 4(+4cc), Hide 9(+1), Intimidate 4, Know:LocalWaterdeep 3, Know:Nature 4, MoveSilently 9(+1), Spot 9(+1), Tumble 9(+1) Swift Ambusher Fast Movement +10 ft., Skirmish +2d6/+1 AC, Trackless Step
7th Rogue 2 +4 +4 +9 +4 Disguise 2, Heal 5(+2cc), Hide 10(+1), Intimidate 4, Know:LocalWaterdeep 3, Know:Nature 4, MoveSilently 10(+1), Spot 10(+1), Tumble 10(+1) Evasion, Skirmish +3d6/+1 AC
8th Eye of the Xanathar 1 +4 +4 +11 +4 Disguise 5(+3), Heal 5.5(+1cc), Hide 11(+1), Intimidate 4, Know:LocalWaterdeep 3, Know:Nature 4, MoveSilently 11(+1), Spot 11(+1), Tumble 11(+1) Eye of the Master (bonus to Spot, low-light vision), Portal Use
9th Eye of the Xanathar 2 +5 +4 +12 +4 Disguise 8(+3), Heal 6(+1cc), Hide 12(+1), Intimidate 4, Know:LocalWaterdeep 3, Know:Nature 4, MoveSilently 12(+1), Spot 12(+1), Tumble 12(+1) Falling Star Strike Eye of the Master (detect magic)
10th Eye of the Xanathar 3 +6 +5 +13 +5 Disguise 8, GatherInfo 4, Heal 6.5(+1cc), Hide 13(+1), Intimidate 4, Know:LocalWaterdeep 3, Know:Nature 4, MoveSilently 13(+1), Spot 12, Tumble 13(+1) Release the Eye, Sneak Attack +2d6
11th Eye of the Xanathar 4 +7 +5 +13 +5 Disguise 8, GatherInfo 6(+2), Heal 7(+1cc), Hide 14(+1), Intimidate 4, Know:LocalWaterdeep 3, Know:Nature 4, MoveSilently 14(+1), Spot 12, Tumble 14(+1), Skill Trick: Spot the Weak Point(+2) Attach the Eye (charm person)
12th Eye of the Xanathar 5 +7 +5 +13 +5 Balance 2, Disguise 8, GatherInfo 8(+2), Heal 7.5(+1cc), Hide 15(+1), Intimidate 4, Know:LocalWaterdeep 3, Know:Nature 4, MoveSilently 15(+1), Spot 12, Tumble 15(+1), Spot the Weak Point Snap Kick Eye of the master (know alignment, darkvision 60 ft), Perfect Sneak Attack
13th Scout 4 +8 +5 +14 +5 Balance 6(+4), Disguise 8, GatherInfo 8, Heal 8(+1cc), Hide 16(+1), Intimidate 4, Know:LocalWaterdeep 3, Know:Nature 4, MoveSilently 16(+1), Spot 12, Tumble 16(+1), Spot the Weak Point Improved Skirmish (Scout) Bonus Feat
14th Rogue 3 +9 +6 +14 +6 Balance 8(+2), Disguise 9(+1), GatherInfo 8, Heal 8, Hide 17(+1), Intimidate 4, Know:LocalWaterdeep 3, Know:Nature 4, MoveSilently 17(+1), Spot 12, Tumble 17(+1), Skill Trick: Nimble Stand(+2), Spot the Weak Point Sneak Attack +3d6, Penetrating Strike (Dungeonscape ACF), Skirmish (+3d6/+2AC)
15th Eye of the Xanathar 6 +10 +7 +15 +7 Balance 10(+2), Disguise 10(+1), GatherInfo 8, Heal 8, Hide 18(+1), Intimidate 4, Know:LocalWaterdeep 3, Know:Nature 4, MoveSilently 18(+1), Spot 12, Tumble 18(+1), Skill Trick: Back on Your Feet(+2), Nimble Stand, Spot the Weak Point Least Dragonmark (Mark of Healing: lesser restoration) Attach the Eye (inflict moderate wounds), Sneak Attack +4d6
16th Nosomatic Chirurgeon 1 +10 +9 +15 +9 Balance 10, Disguise 10, GatherInfo 8, Heal 8, Hide 18, Intimidate 4, Know:LocalWaterdeep 3, Know:Nature 4, MoveSilently 18, Spot 12, Tumble 18, Skill Trick: Acrobatic Backstab(+2), Back on Your Feet, Nimble Stand, Spot the Weak Point Heir's Mark, Nosomatic Chirurgy, Pestilential Touch
17th Eye of the Xanathar 7 +11 +9 +15 +9 Balance 10, Disguise 10, GatherInfo 10(+2), Heal 8, Hide 20(+2), Intimidate 4, Know:LocalWaterdeep 3, Know:Nature 4, MoveSilently 20(+2), Spot 12, Tumble 20(+2), Acrobatic Backstab, Back on Your Feet, Nimble Stand, Spot the Weak Point Send the Eye, Eye of the Master (see invisibility)
18th Eye of the Xanathar 8 +12 +9 +16 +9 Balance 11(+1), Disguise 12(+2), GatherInfo 12(+2), Heal 8, Hide 21(+1), Intimidate 4, Know:LocalWaterdeep 3, Know:Nature 4, MoveSilently 21(+1), Spot 12, Tumble 21(+1), Acrobatic Backstab, Back on Your Feet, Nimble Stand, Spot the Weak Point Craven Attach the Eye (poison)
19th Eye of the Xanathar 9 +12 +10 +16 +10 Balance 12(+1), Disguise 14(+2), GatherInfo 14(+2), Heal 8, Hide 22(+1), Intimidate 4, Know:LocalWaterdeep 3, Know:Nature 4, MoveSilently 22(+1), Spot 12, Tumble 22(+1), Acrobatic Backstab, Back on Your Feet, Nimble Stand, Spot the Weak Point Sneak Attack +5d6
20th Eye of the Xanathar 10 +13 +10 +17 +10 Balance 14(+1), Disguise 16(+2), GatherInfo 16(+2), Heal 8, Hide 23(+1), Intimidate 4, Know:LocalWaterdeep 3, Know:Nature 4, MoveSilently 23(+1), Spot 12, Tumble 23(+1), Acrobatic Backstab, Back on Your Feet, Nimble Stand, Spot the Weak Point Attach the Eye (paralysis), Eye of the Master (true seeing)

Spoiler: Setup
EotX offers three main branches (stalks?) of tricks: enhanced vision, Sneak Attack (including Perfect Sneak Attack), and pseudo-eye rays, each of which we’ll address in turn.

Perfect Sneak Attack (henceforth PSA) is fascinating; when is it more useful to get a single guaranteed SA than to get a full attack, considering that it’s not terribly difficult to flank or to deny DEX if we really care? Then it hit me: Swift Ambusher promises fistfuls of dice, but it’s remarkably difficult for a visible character to trigger both Skirmish and Sneak Attack on the same attack. Enter PSA, which solves that problem nicely. But still, we’re only making a single attack, and that’s a little bit unfortunate. How do we get more than one attack? The obvious answer is Snap Kick, which can be tacked onto basically anything. But only the standard action attack from PSA is a guaranteed SA, so we’ll need a way of turning the Snap Kick attack into SA as well. The various OA feats that tack debuffs onto unarmed attacks work nicely, don’t they? So now we need to qualify for them, to get enough Skirmish and Sneak Attack dice to matter, and to somehow still qualify for EotX.

With all of these factors in play, halfling is a natural choice: strongheart halflings get a much-needed bonus feat, the racial sub levels of Monk add Skirmish while still qualifying for the debuffing feats, and halflings don’t even get any baked-in improvements to their vision, so the various Eye of the Master abilities are relevant! Score. Let’s get started.

Spoiler: Levels 1-5
Lurinella spends some time gathering prereqs, but she’s actually rather comedically hard to kill at this point. Halfling Monk provides extra skill points, extra damage in the form of Skirmish, Weapon Finesse to net a +4 bonus to hit over the alternative, and a ton of prereqs, not to mention some awesome save bonuses. Between Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Battle Fortitude, high DEX/WIS, and her base save bonuses, Lurinella is probably the party member least likely to fail a save against, well, anything. A few dice of Skirmish definitely matter at this level, and if she can get a Sneak Attack in as well, her damage is definitely respectable.

Unbalancing Strike can be tacked onto every single unarmed attack she makes—she’s a city dweller by nature, and therefore humanoids will constitute the bulk of her opponents. While Stunning Fist uses aren’t common enough to spam them, they’re still really effective when used judiciously. Invisible Fist can be used both offensively (to enable Sneak Attack) and defensively (to impose a great miss chance on anything that bothers to swing at her), which is never a bad trait to have in a feature. Her skills are respectable, the occasional odd prereq notwithstanding. The Mimic ACF is taken to blend in when spying or gathering info for the gang; this is one time when the fact that Monks don’t wear armor actually comes in handy, since she can blend very inconspicuously into a crowd without needing to worry about disguising her weapons or armor. And of course, there’s always the classic “halfing disguising self as a human child” ploy. At this stage in her career, she’s probably fallen in with The Xanathar’s crew and started serving as a scout and informant, though she likely hasn’t gotten too high up in the ranks just yet. That’ll come in time.

Spoiler: Levels 6-11
Things really start coming together here. A few more levels of Scout and Rogue, combined with Swift Ambusher, let more dice of damage come online all at once, which is nice. Falling Star Strike is an excellent debuff that really should be used more often; forcing a multi-round save against blindness on every single attack is excellent for triggering Sneak Attack, for getting away after someone’s cornered her, or for general-purpose debuffing. And there’s no reason that Unbalancing Strike stops working just because Falling Star Strike is a thing, so hey, forcing more saves is better. Evasion, combined with her unreasonably high Reflex save, mean that area damage is a thing of the past far more often than not.

Lurinella has, by this point, found out enough of the truth of the gang to be inducted in as an Eye, so she starts getting some Eye-related tricks. She can gain some benefit from Eye of the Master right away; as discussed earlier, halflings can use the vision boost, and everyone benefits from knowing what kinds of magic are in the area. Charm Person is a little hard to use, but Gather Information isn’t only used on high-level folks, and it can serve as an ace in the hole for doing some face-to-face intel work. I imagine that she’d mostly use it from hiding rather than be blatant about growing a weird tentacle in front of someone, but I guess it depends on how the GM rules disguise self and/or the mundane Disguise skill work with the tentacle.

Spoiler: Levels 12-15 ****SWEET SPOT****
And here’s the big payoff! Perfect Sneak Attack is timed to come online right with Snap Kick, just when we need it most. The next few levels are spent gathering more and more d6s to dump on the table at once: Improved Skirmish, more Sneak Attack, and more base Skirmish dice. The gang’s assignments mostly send Lurinella on urban missions against humanoids, so Penetrating Strike isn’t as critical as it is on some other builds, but it can be nice when dealing with something with Fortification, I suppose. You’ll have to talk to the GM about how it interacts with PSA if you aren’t flanking, but either way, it’s not like Lurinella was planning on using Trap Sense for anything.

Just to sum up, the plan is basically to zip over to something (ideally something at least 20’ from Lurinella’s starting location), punch it really hard with a PSA boosted by Skirmish/Improved Skirmish, force a couple of saves with Unbalancing Strike and Falling Star Strike, and follow up with a Snap Kick (which will definitely get Skirmish and which will probably get Sneak Attack as well if Unbalancing Strike, Falling Star Strike, or some other potential tricks work). Repeat every round. The debuffs work nicely to justify zipping around between different opponents, as well. It’s really enough damage to matter.

Spoiler: Level 16-20
So you remember how I said that EotX has three branches of abilities? Here’s where the pseudo-eye rays come in handy. The eye rays themselves are nice enough when they work, but they’ve got a lot of points of failure; split stat for usage and for save DCs, extra actions required to get the tentacle out and put it back when we care about making PSAs, kinda outdated effective spell level, and so on. Nosomatic Chirurgeon (hey look, another reason to be a halfling! It’s like I did this on purpose or something!) offers a solution: why not funnel the energy from those SLAs into something more generally useful, like straight up hurting people? If Lurinella can get the drop on something (not hard, with her stealthy tricks), she can pre-buff by holding the charge on an inflict SLA before punching someone, or she can just straight up cast one if that ends up being appropriate. Since Pestilential Touch simply eats “uses” of SLAs rather than actually requiring that the SLA be used, Lurinella shouldn’t need to mess around with attaching or detaching her Eye, which is nice.

Oh, and just to clarify, from ECS pg. 8: “if it exists in D&D, it has a place in Eberron.” This isn’t bringing dragonmarks into Forgotten Realms—this is bringing FR material (which “exists in D&D”) into Eberron, where it explicitly, RAW, “has a place.” “Waterdeep” can be a section of a large city, or we can pick up the whole city of Waterdeep and plunk it down somewhere on Khorvaire. Just roll with it. It’s legal.

Anyway, Lurinella finally picks up that Craven feat she’s had her eye on for some time, and true seeing with no material component is actually a pretty legitimately nice capstone. Send the Eye is actually perfect for a stealthy character who’s got decent movement skills and who has a reliable form of invisibility on tap; peer around a corner, go invisible if necessary, dart into position, and repeat as necessary. Cool stuff. The main combo from the previous level bracket hasn’t stopped working (and has, in fact, gotten even nicer). Lurinella uses all of EotX’s abilities and blends them into a whole that’s as seamless as possible.

Spoiler: Sources
Champions of Ruin: Craven
Complete Adventurer: Scout
Complete Scoundrel: Acrobatic Backstab, Back on Your Feet, Nimble Stand, Spot the Weak Point, Improved Skirmish, Swift Ambusher
Dragonmarked: Nosomatic Chirurgeon
Dungeonscape: Penetrating Strike ACF
Eberron Campaign Setting: Least Dragonmark
Eleven Eyes of Xanathar: Eye of the Xanathar
Exemplars of Evil: Invisible Fist ACF, Mimic ACF
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting: Strongheart Halfling
Oriental Adventures: Falling Star Strike, Unbalancing Strike
Races of the Wild: Halfling Monk racial sub levels
Tome of Battle: Snap Kick