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    Default Re: Warhammer 40K Tabletop Thread XXXIV: Situation Normal, All FAQ'd Up

    Guide to Space Marines
    Angels of Death

    This Guide includes the updates from Chapter Approved (2018), and takes the includes the 'Bolter Buff'.

    Part 2 of 2.

    Spoiler: Notes on Wargear
    At many times throughout this Guide, you'll have an option of giving your models extra wargear. Here's all you need to know:

    Ranged Weapons
    Combi-Melta; Good at what it does. But costs a lot of points, and is at a fairly short range.
    Combi-Plasma; It's only really useful when Supercharging. Luckily, Space Marines have plenty of sources of re-rolls.
    Storm Bolter; The cheapest option, and largely that means the best option.

    Melee Weapons (worst to best)
    Chainswords (x2); For when you need to drop a Master-Crafted Boltgun and don't want to pay any points to do so.
    Lightning Claw; It's quite good. But...
    Power Axe; It cheap. It's S5, AP-2. It gets the job done. This is your default weapon for any model you want to be in Melee.
    Power Fist; What you take when you can't afford a Thunder Hammer.
    Thunder Hammer; Best Melee weapon in the book.

    Storm Bolter & Power Axe isn't a wrong choice. But it falls into the trap of making your model(s) try to do both Melee and Ranged. That's not...Good. Still, between the two weapons, it only represents 7 Points. So you probably wont lose a game over it.

    Spoiler: HQ
    Marneus Calgar: One of the best models in the Codex. He's a Chapter Master, so already you want to take him. He comes stock with one of the better Warlord Traits in the book and also gives extra Command Points when he's your Warlord. He has 7 Wounds and only takes half Damage, additionally, his Power Fists aren't -1 To Hit, and he's just...Really strong. The only reason not to take Marneus Calgar & Lieutenant, is if you're taking Roboute Guilliman, instead.
    • !Marneus Calgar in Armour of Heraclus: From the Vigilus Defiant book, Marneus Calgar with +1T and +1W for the same points is a no-brainer. No, you don't care that he can't go in a Land Raider anymore.

    Chief Librarian Tigurius: He's a Librarian with an extra Power, who can re-roll his Psychic tests. That gives slightly better odds for manifesting Null Zone - however, bear in mind that Tigurius doesn't have Jump Pack and casting Null Zone is pretty pointless almost all of the time. Additionally, at the start of your opponent's Shooting phase, give one of your <Ultramarines> units -1 To Hit - yes, that includes Land Raiders. That's pretty much the only reason you want to take him. It also makes him pretty much mandatory.

    Chaplain Cassius: Doesn't have a Jump Pack. So screw 'im. Alternatively, pack him in a Land Raider and get a Turn 2 Charge...But why are you playing bad Black Templars?

    Captain Sicarius: All Tactical Squads within 6" gain Always Fight First. Tactical Squads? In Melee? You know you're Ultramarines, right? You know you can Fall Back whenever you want, right? Sicarius is garbage and you should avoid him at all costs.

    Sergeant Chronus: Put him in a tank. Best choices involve a Land Raider, or LR Crusader (taking -1 to hit off of Tigurius). The only other choice - really - is a Razorback with a Twin Assault Cannon. Importantly, the Vehicle he rides in, is always BS2+, no matter how much Damage it has taken. Chronus is one of your best HQs, all's he requires is that you take a Vehicle that you were probably going to take anyway.

    Sergeant Telion: His save is actually 2+, he can SUA during Deployment for early Objective grabbing and board control, and one Ultramarines Scout unit within 3" gets +1 To Hit during the Shooting phase. This is incredibly important as units of Scouts have potential access to Hellfire Shells or Flakk Missile, this will mean that against non-Airborne targets, Flakk Missile will hit on a 1+, and taking the -1 To Hit against a Flier wont make a difference. Very strong. Not bad at all. If your goal is to get 'a Space Marine Detachment' for access to Stratagems, Telion and Scouts aren't a bad Patrol tax.

    Captain Lysander: Trash.

    Pedro Kantor: Here's the reason you don't take Lysander. If you've got your heart set on playing Imperial Fists (though who knows why?), then at least this way you pick up a Chapter Master, and every model within the same Aura gets +1 Attack. So, yeah. You're Imperial Fists and your...Melee...Is...Better... Whatever. Put Pedro in the middle of Company Veterans/Vanguard/Terminators(?) in the Land Raider or Stormraven of your choice, and try and go to town.

    High Marshal Helbrecht: Another Chapter Master, but gives everyone +1S instead of +1A. He costs the same as Pedro. But, the difference is that Black Templars have access to Crusader Squads, and Grimaldus. The Black Templars' Warlord Trait is pretty weak. Ultimately, Helbrecht is for playing Black Templars how you think they should be played. Even though that's the sub-optimal way to play Black Templars...Besides, aren't Space Wolves a thing?

    The Emperor's Champion: Why?

    Chaplain Grimaldus: While it is possible to play Black Templars without High Marshal Helbrecht, it is nearly impossible to play Black Templars with any reasonable chance of success without Chaplain Grimaldus. Grimaldus is the main man, giving you re-rolls To Hit, and on 6s, your models make extra Attacks. So, yeah. Load up in Crusaders and/or Stormraven, and run at your opponent.
    • Cenobyte Servitors: *Fart noise*. However, Cenobyte Servitors are really good for making <Adeptus Astartes> Vanguard Detachments, as they're an Elites choice that costs 6 Points - total. Other than mix-maxing your Soup Detachments, there is no reason to touch Cenobyte Servitors...Ever.

    Kor'sarro Khan: Nope. You're better off with a regular Captain on Bike, who has access to Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield.

    Vulkan He'stan: He's pretty good, and he's reasonably cheap for the wargear he has. Unfortunately he really wants to be coming out of a Drop Pod, which means he's not going to be on the board 'til Turn 2, and that feels like a waste of both He'stan, and whatever unit(s) he's with.

    Kayvaan Shrike: As a Chapter Master he's already mandatory for a Raven Guard army. Models using Strike From the Shadows don't need him at all. Which means that Shrike is going to end up hanging back with your gunline (Remember your Chapter Tactics) and likely used to counter-charge whatever your opponent throws at you.

    Captain: Hands out Rites of Battle, which is really handy for every unit in the book. If you switch out his Master-Crafted Boltgun for a Storm Bolter or Combi-Plasma, you'll be fine.
    • ...in Cataphractii Armour: As a Character that almost definitely wants to be in Melee...Well, he comes stock with a 3+ Invulnerable, so you don't need a Storm Shield. This guy is pretty much the only model in the whole book where having dual Lightning Claws is a viable option.
    • ...in Gravis Armour: No.
    • ...in Terminator Armour: Unlike the Cataphractii, he needs the Storm Shield. Which means the only viable weapon is a Thunder Hammer.
    • ...on Bike: They can be good. But a Jump Pack is better. On a Bike, you lose access to Honour the Chapter which is a really powerful Stratagem on a model that has the ability to pack a Thunder Hammer. Mostly, a Captain on Bike is good because of dual Storm Bolters. As a <Biker>, you always get the Rapid Fire. So, that's cool.
    • ...with Jump Pack: Even gunlines appreciate a good Captain with Jump Pack. Put your Aura where you need it. A fairly decent counter-Assault unit, and at times can be used to rocket out of the line and cave nerds' heads in. If you aren't playing Ultramarines, where all your Characters are Uniques, a Captain on Jump Pack is your default choice. Even Ultramarines players can appreciate a good Captain anyway. That's how good they are.
    • Primaris: No.

    Librarian: None of their weapons are even good. The reason you're taking them, is for access to Librarius Powers (which aren't good), and the occasional Deny the Witch as-needed (which can be done cheaper with Allies). Space Marine Librarians are real bad.
    • ...in Terminator Armour: You're still paying points for a model that isn't even good.
    • ...with Jump Pack: Jump Packs are strong. But Librarians still suck. Remember that the good Librarius buffs all target <Adeptus Astartes> units. Additionally, the 12" Move allows your Librarian to keep up with your Allied models that are trying to make first turn Charges or redeployments.
    • Primaris: No.
    • !...on Bike: Out of Index: Imperium I, this is pretty much the only non-Tigurius Librarian worth having. Remember your dual Storm Bolters.

    Chaplain: Bring along for any unit that wants to be in Melee. Basically the only Melee unit in the Codex, are Vanguard Veterans. Chaplains force multiply Honour the Chapter something fierce. Always bring the Power Fist.
    • ...in Terminator Armour: Your Chaplain already has a 4+ Invulnerable...So you're paying a whole bunch of points for a 2+ Armour that you don't even need.
    • ...with Jump Pack: Yes. Your Vanguard Veterans are always going to with Jump Packs, so there's no reason for your Chaplain not to have one too.
    • Primaris: Unless you're bringing Reivers in a Repulsor (), you will never need a Primaris Chaplain.

    Techmarine: Your cheapest HQ choice - even with a Servo-Harness. However, your HQ slots in the Space Marine book are extremely valuable, and you can pick up a Techmarine off of the Thunderfire Cannon entry. So, yeah. The only reason to run a non-Thunderfire Gunner, is because you're desperate. Space Marines have so many good HQs that it's hard to believe why you'd waste your time with this one.

    Lieutenant: As a BS3+ with re-roll 1s to wound, giving him a Storm Bolter is almost always a good idea, because Master-Crafted Boltguns are stupid. As a WS2+ model, a Power Axe or dual Chainswords also a good idea. It doesn't matter what you do with the Lieutenant, because regardless, he's still throwing out re-roll 1s to wound, which is amazingly helpful in an army where the main weapons you'll run are all S4. It's rare that your army wont include a Lieutenant...Unless you're Ultramarines.
    • ...with Jump Pack: Sure, if it's what you need. Though in this role, you're almost definitely better off with a Chaplain. Remember, that when going by the 3-cap, models with Jump Packs don't count as having a separate Datasheet, even if the itemised list at the back makes it seem otherwise.
    • Primaris: Actually, the Primaris Lieutenant is still dirt cheap enough to be actually worth taking, even if you aren't just using him to fill Detachment requirements. His BS3+ is a problem, especially as he can't take a regular Intercessor's Bolt Rifle. Give him a Power Sword, and make his WS2+ and extra attack mean something.

    Spoiler: Troops
    Tactical Squad: Post-Chapter Approved (i.e; After the Intercessor point-reduction), they're quite bad. Their primary ability that actually makes them worth taking, is their ability to Embark into Transports, which allows them a potential 12" Move per turn. However, every turn they spend inside the Transport, is a turn that they aren't doing anything...Which actually makes them bad.

    Intercessor Squad: In the Space Marines' Codex, you're taking regular Bolt Rifles, no exceptions. AP-1 for 0 Points is quite clearly the best option. If you want some of the other kinds of Rifle, then you're going to want to paint your models different colours to what you can find in this Codex. Remember that having two Auxiliary Grenade Launchers in the same squad doesn't work, as the AGL doesn't change the 'Type' of the weapon, it merely increases the range. The Krak Grenade is still a 'Grenade' - albeit with 30" range - and each squad can only fire one Grenade weapon per turn. There's no point having Intercessor squads of more than 5 models.
    Intercessors are not for removing hordes from the board. Intercessors are for taking out Elite units like themselves. Their 3+ (2+, in Cover) Save and 2 Wounds goes a long way against models trying to shoot the same S4 AP-1 weapons back at them.

    Scout Squad: Why do Tactical Squads need to move 12" per turn, when Scouts can simply just start the game there? Scout Squads do what Intercessors can't; They're the cheapest scoring bodies you have, and they have the ability to grab mid-field Objectives before the game even starts, and they can be outfitted a multitude of different ways;
    • Boltguns; Take the mid-field and hold it.
    • Sniper Rifles; You'll probably want one unit in your own DZ. As a S4 weapon that has an effect on '6' to wound...They're pretty much useless unless you can get them re-rolls to wound...And then they're really good.
    • Astartes Shotgun; Use your Turn 1 Movement to get into half-range, unload with S5, Assault 2, then Charge. Make sure your Sergeant is equipped with something that isn't garbage, like a Chainsword. Your goal is to Charge Objectives in the front of your opponent's DZ.
    • Combat Blades; Wrong book, son.
    • Heavy Bolter or Missile Launcher; Scouts have access to Hellfire Shells or Flakk Missile, which is all they want. The Heavy Bolter is 15 Points cheaper, which adds up over several squads.

    Your Troops selection is ideally a 30/70 split on Intercessors and Scouts...If not just all 100% Scouts.

    Crusader Squad: If you want to play thematic Black Templars, then give them all Chainswords, take as many Power Axes as you can (...two *fart*), pack them with Helbrecht and/or Grimaldus in a Crusader and roll up on nerds. However, remember that Helbrecht's and Grimaldus' Aura only go so far. Remember that between two Land Raider Crusaders, you can fit in 30 (6x5) Initiates and still have room for two Characters. Don't bother with Neophytes. If you want cheap Scouts, take cheap Scouts. If you're thinking about 'Black Tide', you're thinking wrong. Two Land Raider Crusaders. That's what your Black Templars army looks like when it deploys. Maybe third Crusader or Stormraven if you want to run double Battalions and you need space for two more HQs.
    Unfortunately, that's the wrong way to play Black Templars effectively. A Crusader Squads' true strength lies in their ability to take a Special weapon (Plasma Gun) and Heavy weapon (Heavy Bolter or Grav-Cannon), and Sergeant's Combi-Weapon (Combi-Plasma or Storm Bolter), using only 5 models. Helbrecht is still a Chapter Master and still gives out re-rolls to hit. Castle up, kid.

    Spoiler: Elites
    This is where your <Ancients> are found. One is mandatory in your Space Marine army. And it's mandatory to take Standard of the Emperor Ascendant. It wouldn't even be a mistake to make an Ancient your Warlord and give them Storm of Fire...Yes, even if Guilliman Himself, is in your army, there are a multitude of common situations where an Ancient with SoF would be a better Warlord than Guilliman.

    Remember how an Astartes Banner actually works...
    You can shoot with one weapon. So models with two or more ranged weapons (e.g; Aggressors) don't actually benefit that much.
    You can make a single attack as if it were the Fight phase. This means that for majority of the time, an Ancient doesn't belong in a Melee army because what's one attack gonna do?

    There's also RAW that says the models aren't actually Fighting, which means that Chainswords don't even work, compared to the wording of Only in Death Does Duty End's '...fight as if it were your Fight phase.'

    Primaris Ancient: Generally the most common <Ancient> you're going to want, because he has an extra Wound, and that big, stupid Banner isn't exactly easy to hide. So, if you're going to get shot at by anything, you might as well have more wounds. The fact that a Primaris Ancient comes with a Bolt Rifle, isn't bad.

    Chapter Ancient: 2+ Armour isn't worth the points, even if you hang out in Cover. Things that target Characters, generally do Mortal Wounds, so 2+ Armour ain't gonna help.

    Chapter Champion: Garbage.
    • !Index Wargear; Taking a Thunder Hammer is the only worthwhile use for this model. Heroic Intervention into a Character and beat its head in. A Champion is better than a Smash Captain against <Characters> only. Against everything else, a Smash Captain is better...And a Smash Captain force multiplies. So...Whatever.

    Honour Guard: Their job is to take Mortal Wounds... So give them 2+ Armour? ...Right.

    Company Ancient: Can take a Storm Bolter. That's about the only benefit to taking a Company Ancient, over a Primaris one.

    Apothecary: ...and after the model dies, and attacks again from an <Ancient>. Just bring 'em back! The problem is that it only happens on a 4+, and you have no way to improve it. Take one or don't, it doesn't really matter. Unless you have a super-character that doesn't take Wounds right (Marneus Calgar, or a model with The Shield Eternal), then you can basically walk around with an unkillable Character, as your Apothecary is constantly healing them. Healing is free. Reviving is 50% dice roll, and if you fail, your Apothecary can't do anything for the rest of the turn...Not that that matters.
    • !...on Bike: It's the only way you're gonna keep up with your Smash Captains and Vanguard. Still, Space Marines are primarily a gunline army, so there's not much point. Can't even take dual Storm Bolters

    Company Champion: Is a cheap unit that can fill out your Elite slots when making a Brigade.

    Company Veterans: They take Wounds so your Characters don't have to. These aren't totally necessary. They're just Veterans. There's more where this came from. "Can't you give them all Storm Bolters?" ...What is this, Deathwatch? Why aren't you playing Deathwatch?

    Servitors: Minimum Brigades. Still, cheap Heavy Bolters hanging around a Thunderfire Cannon isn't an awful idea...But it is also an awful idea.

    Primaris Apothecary: The regular Apothecary is hit-or-miss to begin with, and you want to pay more points it?

    Reiver Squad: This is a joke unit, right?

    Agressor Squad: These guys desperately need re-rolls to wound (Lieutenant/Guilliman), and Storm of Fire while they're at it. While they're not as good as some other models might be around an <Ancient>, fact is, even shooting with one weapon, an Aggressor has 6 shots...Possibly even 12 if they don't move. If you can't get Aggressors to re-roll to wound, and you don't have Storm of Fire either...You're just slow-playing. Never take the Flamestorm Gauntlets. They're aren't bad in Assault, either. Having two attacks with a Power Fist you barely paid for is pretty decent.

    Terminator Squad: Wrong book. "But what about Storm Bo-" Shut up. Any Terminators you have in your army, should be Aggressors instead. And Aggressors aren't even that good.

    Terminator Assault Squad: Strike from the Shadows or don't bother. Mostly Thunder Hammers.

    Cataphractii Terminator Squad: Strike from the Shadows or don't bother. Mostly Lightning Claws.

    Tartaros Terminator Squad: Like regular Terminators, with better Movement. Still, wrong book.

    Vanguard Veteran Squad: These are arguably your only non-Character Melee unit in the entire book. Double Chainswords each is cheap and cleans hordes. You can also bring a ton of Power Axes or Thunder Hammers, with Storm Shields, to your battle line. With Raven Guard's Strike From the Shadows, this can be an immensely strong unit when lined up against a decent target. These guys benefit greatly from Chaplains (especially if wielding Thunder Hammers), and <Lieutenants> are always welcome, regardless, because you're accidentally not playing Blood Angels and running Vanguard anyway?

    Sternguard Veteran Squad: One of the best units in the entire book. Masterful Marksmanship means you will be spending a CP on them every single turn (it also means that you never need more than one unit of Sternguard), so be aware of your CP budget when writing your list - you still have to fit in Hellfire Shells and/or Flakk Missile, too, right? Without spending a CP on them, they're only S4, which means that they need re-rolls to wound. If you have re-rolls to wound and Masterful Marksmanship? Yeah. Do that.

    Dreadnought: Nope. Venerables are Just Better for not that many more points.

    Ironclad Dreadnought: Put it in a Stormraven or don't bother. Always swap the Hammer for the Chainfist. Hurricane Bolters are rad, even if you lose re-roll 1s to hit in the Fight phase. Meltaguns and Heavy Flamers are the same points, so whatever you have in your Chainfist hand, is up to you. Never bring Hunter-Killers on a model designed to either a) Constantly move, or b) be in combat. Ironclad Dreadnoughts are also useful in that whatever else comes out of the Stormraven, you can use Wisdom of the Ancients to support both the unit, and the Stormraven itself...Unless it flew off.

    Venerable Dreadnought: Twin Lascannon, Missile Launcher. This is the only combination worth having. Wisdom of the Ancients as-needed.

    Contemptor Dreadnought: No.

    Redemptor Dreadnought: 'Use if you want, but why do you want?'

    Centurion Assault Squads: As a <Centurion> with Hurricane Bolters, they're exactly...Okay. Double Flamers gives them a lot of shots. And their Siege Drills don't even have negs to hit. At 75 Points each, however, they can be difficult to fit into your army, especially when Aggressors are only 37 each, which means you get two Aggressors per Assault Centurion. So you get six Aggressors per 3 Centurions. So, what're you gonna do?

    Spoiler: Fast Attack
    Bike Squad: With the Twin Boltguns on the front, you'll never be able to fire the Pistols, so, always take Chainswords. You can take dual Meltaguns, or Plasma Guns, if you want. But being <Bikers>, the Sergeant is obviously packing a Twin Storm Bolters. That's it.

    Assault Squad: Wrong book.

    Land Speeders: They're really bad.

    Attack Bike Squad: They're the cheapest unit you can use to fill Fast Attack slots. That's it. They're very bad.

    Scout Bike Squad: Scout Bikes have a 16" Move. Wow. Without anything else, they're only 8" away from your opponent if both of you have pushed your DZs. They've got the same Twin Boltguns as the normal Bikers, and they've got the same T5 and 2 Wounds that the other Bikers have. For the same points, you just lose a point in Armour. But, in addition to their better move, they also have a Bolt Pistol (will never be fired), Combat Blade/Chainsword for +1 Attack, and a Shotgun. Well, with your 16" Move, you should be inside 12" range, which means you get an additional 2 shots per model - with the Shotgun - over regular Bikes. But, when all's said and done, Scouts still have the Combat Blades for two attacks each, and an 8" Charge is much easier than a 10" Charge. As always, <Bikers>, the Sergeant has a Storm Bolter. In a pinch, Scout Bikes can also be used a source of Mortal Wounds, which is handy.
    • White Scars; When you use the Stratagem, you'll end up 2" away from your opponent - can't fail a Charge, even on snake eyes - but, as Shotguns (and Grenade Launchers) are Assault weapons, you can shoot them with no penalties using the Stratagem. Again, as you're basing this off of a Stratagem, you can't do it more than once per turn. So make sure that the unit you're doing it with, has a lot of models in it.

    Inceptor Squad: One of the best units in the book. Take the Assault Bolters. Two Wounds and T5. They carry two !Heavy Bolters each that don't take negs To Hit when they move, and unlike Vehicles, they can be affected by all <Infantry> based Stratagems like Bolter Drill or Auspex Scan. Their <Fly> Keyword also gives them the ability to leave combat without penalty, which is really stupid strong on such a cheap unit. It is definitely worth having two or three units in your collection.

    Spoiler: Heavy Support
    Devastator Squad: Another one of the best units in the book. This unit doesn't seem like much, until you actually play the game, and see how it actually works. Always bring the Armorium Cherub. First, the Sergeant's Signum gives one model in the unit +1 To Hit. Remember the two best Stratagems in the book? Hellfire Shells, now works on a 2+. Flakk Missile also works on a 2+, base. For 2 Command Points, if you're shooting at <Fly><Infantry> unit (e.g; Swooping Hawks), that unit takes 2D3 Mortal Wounds, on two rolls of 2+. BUT WAIT. THERE'S MORE. Per the FAQ, the Armorium Cherub allows a 'reload' of the Stratagem. But you can't use a Stratagem twice? Well, you're not. For 5 Points, once per game, you can use Hellfire Shells or Flakk Missile without paying its cost. YES PLEASE. Should you make Devastators all the same? NO. That's why you see things like x3 Heavy Bolters and a Missile Launcher, or vice versa. A Devastator Squad churns out 2 D3s (sometimes 3 D3s) worth of Mortal Wounds per turn, in addition to rest of the damage. Other than abusing Stratagems, your only real choice is how many Lascannons you want in the unit.

    Centurion Devastator Squad: These guys are really, really good. Unfortunately, they're also 70 Points each, which is fairly expensive unless you've got Guilliman behind them with Storm of Fire, and then these guys leave Aggressors in the dust. As they do explicitly carry Heavy Bolters, you can also fire off a Hellfire Shells if you want to, which is really useful because you don't actually lose firepower, because you've still got at least five more Heavy Bolters to come.
    ...If you aren't running Heavy Bolters and Hurricanes, you're wasting your time.

    Hellblasters: Another one of the best units in the book. As a gunline, Space Marines have a fairly packed Heavy section where everything is pretty good and you don't really know what to take. Hellblasters are good. Take them instead of your third unit of Devastators if you want.
    • <Ancient> tip; Gaining full re-rolls to hit (off of Guilliman or Chapter Master), increases your chance of dying and getting more 'free' shots. Bring an Apothecary if you want.

    Thuderfire Cannon: Gunners retain Blessing of the Omnissiah, which doesn't affect their ability to shoot at all. So, if you have a Land Raider or Venerable Dreadnought, just sit it next to them. Remember, the Techmarine is a <Character> and so can't be shot at. The Thunderfire Cannon itself, however, is only good because of Tremor Shells (more burning of CPs every turn!). So, just park your Thunderfire out of LoS and just shoot all game. A Gunner only has to be within 3" of a Thunderfire Cannon, and a Vehicle only has to be within 1" of a Techmarine. At no point is base-to-base contact required. In any case, a Thunderfire Cannon relies on a Stratagem to be useful, which means that you never need more than one.

    Hunter: Pay a whole bunch of points to miss. Hard pass.

    Stalker: It's good when it has re-rolls to hit...Unfortunately, so is pretty much everything. Pass.

    Whirlwind: It's only really good if there is a lot of terrain on your board. Otherwise the Thunderfire Cannon is much easier to hide, and comes with a Techmarine.

    Predator: They're really good...If you go first, and your Predator Autocannon rolls high for its number of shots. Always bring Heavy Bolters. Always bring at least three Predators. And always go first in order to maximise how good Killshot is... What do you mean you can't guarantee that you'll go first? ...Well then.

    Vindicator: It's T8! ...And yet terrible anyway somehow.

    Land Raider: It is not a Transport. It carries four Lascannons. It might also have Sergeant Chronus in it, to have BS2+ at all times - remember, Chronus' BS is not affected by the Damage table. Land Raiders are fairly strong models, provided you have a way to fix them...Or you have two of them.

    Land Raider Crusader: Run your Melee unit of choice inside (if any), and...That's it. Drive it forwards. Whatever else, its a firebase with two Hurricane Bolters and a Twin Assault Cannon on it. It doesn't even need models inside it to be effective - unless we're talking Chronus.

    Land Raider Redeemer: "It's got Flame weapons on it! See, with Flamecraft you-" Stop. Please. Stop. 10" Move (assuming you went first and therefore haven't taken Damage) plus 8" on the weapon gives the 'Raider an 18" threat range (which decreases with Damage). That's not good enough. Flamecraft is not a good Stratagem. Land Raider Redeemers are terrible and rank among one of the worst units in the book - even if you're playing as Salamanders.

    Spoiler: Dedicated Transports
    Rhino: Moves 10 Melee models around the board. Pretty snazzy. Give it twin Storm Bolters.

    Razorback: Take Inceptors or Devastators instead.

    Drop Pod: Nope. If you want to get somewhere, use a <Biker> unit with <Fly>...Or just spam Scouts. There's definitely a way you can probably use Drop Pods...But no-one's found it. Yet.

    Land Speeder Storm: This Vehicle has no use.

    Repulsor: It has a lot of shots. I hope you're re-rolling to hit and to wound. Storm of Fire is extremely handy. As far as damage output goes, they have a lot of things going for them. Unfortunately, as Transports go, they're fairly terrible, as there aren't really any <Primaris> models that you'd ever want to put inside.

    Spoiler: Fliers
    Stormhawk Interceptor: It can't Hover Jet and all of it's weapons are Heavy. So, in reality it's BS4+. However, if you keep the Icarus Stormcannon, and pick up the Skyhammer, you'll be hitting models that <Fly> on a 2+, and that's not terrible. Considering that models that <Fly> are generally really good, and you can only use Flakk Missile once per turn. So, yeah. That's what that's for. It's not for everyone, and certainly doesn't have a use in every army. But in certain niche metas it can be very good. But, check before you buy one whether or not it's going to be useful.

    Stormraven Gunship: Power of the Machine Spirit and Hover Jet. Take the guns with the most shots; Twin Assault Cannon, Twin Heavy Bolter, always take Hurricanes. Still, at over 300 Points you're asking for a lot out of a single model. It's not going to work every time, but it will work some of the time. It's always worth having one Stormraven in your collection, just so you can use it every now and then. But, it is 300+ Points so you're not going to run it often. You definitely don't need two Stormravens. Ever.

    Stormtalon Gunship: Two Heavy Bolters and a Twin Assault Cannon. Yes, all its weapons are Heavy. But, it gains +1 to Hit against models without <Fly>. So it goes back to BS3+ against most targets. However, it also has Hover Jet which means it doesn't have to move if it doesn't want to, and therefore has BS2+. Stormtalons are okay. Always be careful when you have Vehicles made out of T6 - they don't tend to last too long.

    Spoiler: Lord of War
    Roboute Guilliman: Costing 400 Points is a lot (Marneus Calgar is only 200, spend whatever you want to get a few more Characters), and he's separate to other HQs that you have to take anyway to make your Battalions/Brigade. Anyway, G-Unit gives you +3CPs when he's your Warlord, and brings the standard Ultramarines' Trait, which isn't that good, and as previously mentioned, even with the +3 CPs, it might not even be worth having Guilliman as your Warlord, depending on your army. As a Primarch, he gives all <Ultramarines> in his Aura flat re-rolls to Hit, and to Wound - that includes Vehicles. He is incredibly strong. However, in addition, he has another Aura that affects all <Imperium> units - including Ultramarines; +1 to Advance and Charge, re-roll 1s To Hit, and he hands out an And They Shall Know No Fear Aura. Brutal. With his 8" Move, as long as the unit in front of him hasn't moved more than 14", he will still affect them - that's amazing. In any case, when Guilliman is killed, roll a 4+ (always save a Command Point), at the end of the Phase, Guilliman gets back up. Unlike Celestine, who gets up immediately (it's fine, she can teleport), Guilliman takes at least two Phases to kill. Even if your opponent has two more Volcano Cannons to fire, Guilliman doesn't get up 'til the end of the Phase, which means that those shots are wasted.
    Bobby-G has one more trick; Having The Emperor's Sword. It's better than a Thunder Hammer (S8, -4, D3), that does D3 Mortal Wounds on a 6+ To Wound, in addition to its regular Damage. Remembering that Big Bob re-rolls his own To Wounds.

    So good.

    Unfortunately, as good as he is. There's some serious debate on whether or not he's even worth 400 Points. Shocking, right? See, as good as Guilliman's Auras are (and they're very good), fact is, the buff is only as good as the unit being buffed, and most Space Marine units just aren't that good. The unit being buffed has to be able to walk in front of Guilliman so he doesn't get shot at - which means no Heavy weapons - and the weapons being used, have to be good enough that they'd be Hitting and Wounding anyway, but that the constant re-rolls merely guarantee it. So, what weapons are S6+, not Heavy (or Assault, really...There's no point Advancing outside his Aura, and then taking -1 to Hit) and come in spammable-ish quantities that justify spending 400 extra Points on them?

    Stop reading. Check your Codex.
    Have you read the entire Guide up until now? Got a context clue?
    That's right.

    Hellblasters. At least 15 of 'em.
    Remember that Supercharging with re-rolls To Hit, actually increases their chances of dying.
    So, bring in Guilliman's personal Ancient friend with the Standard of the Emperor Ascendant (which is basically Guilliman, himself).
    That's it.
    If you're worried about Guilliman taking targeted Mortal Wounds - it happens, especially against Psyker-heavy armies with access to more-than-Smite. Bring a few Company Veterans to take Mortal Wounds for him - their job is to die, so don't give them anything more than Storm Bolters and Chainswords.

    If you're truly, truly desperate, you can bring an Apothecary. But, remember that Guilliman is a <Monster>, he is not <Infantry> and can not be healed...That also means that Guilliman loses access to all the Infantry-based Stratagems, too.

    Of course...The other option is to attempt to hide Guilliman out of LoS, and have all of your Heavy Support, Scouts-with-Rifles and Sternguard just hug him. Guilliman's Castle/Gunline is legit. It might not be what you want to play (i.e; Space Marines being cowards hiding in Ruins and never moving the entire game, which, unfortunately is the best way to play Space Marines even if you don't have Guilliman ), but it's legit.

    Say it. Repeat it:
    Guilliman is only as good as the models around him.
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