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CN Kenku Shugenga (Air) 5, Seeker of Misty Isle 1
Order of Spring Zephyr

+2 DEX, -2 STR, 2 nat weapons 2 claws 1d3, +2 Hide/Move Silent, Low light vision, Common/Kenku
30 speed
Great Ally (Ex)- give or gain +3 when aiding another, get +4 on flanking instead of +2
Mimicry (Ex) Ė perfectly mimic sounds/voices/accents Bluff vs Sense Motive check

HP: 5d6+1d8+12

32 pt buy:
S10 (-2), D14(+2), C14, I12 (lvl up here), W12, C16


Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Shugenga 1 +0 +0 +0 +2 Bluff 1, Concentration 4, Know Religion 4, Spellcraft 4, Survival 4, UMD 4 Apprenticeship Element Focus Ė Air, Sense Elements, Spells
2nd Shugenga 2 +1 +0 +0 +3 Conc 5, Know 5, SC 5, Survival 5, UMD 5 - -
3rd Shugenga 3 +1 +1 +1 +3 Conc 6, Know 6, SC 6, Survival 6, UMD 6 Scribe Scroll -
4th Shugenga 4 +2 +1 +1 +4 Conc 7, Know 7, SC 7, Survival 7, UMD 7 - -
5th Shugenga 5 +2 +1 +1 +4 Conc 8, Know 8, SC 8, Survival 8, UMD 8 - -
6th Seeker of the Misty Isle 1 +2 +3 +3 +4 Bluff 3, Conc 9, SC 9 Brew Potion Travel Domain, +1 spellcasting
3-Force of Personality
4-Spell Focus (Illusions)
5-Steady Concentration
6-Improved Initiative
7-Iron WIll
8-Great Fortitude
9-Extend Spell
10-Sudden Extend


Bonus Spells 1 each for level 1-3 from CHA, 1 extra 1st known from apprentice feat
Spells per day
1: 0-5, 1-4
2: 0-6, 1-5
3: 0-6, 1-6
4: 0-6, 1-7, 2-4
5: 0-6, 1-7, 2-5
6: 0-6, 1-7, 2-6, 3-4
Spells Known: o+x+x (order plus element (air) + any other element except earth
1: 0-o+2+2, 1-o+1+2
2: 0-o+3+2, 1-o+1+2
3: 0-o+3+2, 1-o+2+2
4: 0-o+3+3, 1-o+2+2, 2-o+1+0
5: 0-o+4+3, 1-o+2+3, 2-o+1+1
6: 0-o+4+3, 1-o+2+3, 2-o+1+1, 3-o+1+0

Spell lists

Order spells:
0-Daze: humanoid of 4HD or less loses next action
1- Disguise Self
2-Blur: attacks miss 20% of the time
3-Invisibility: 1min/lvl or until attacks

Air Spells/Others Known:
0-Daze, Ghost Sound, Guidance, Know Direction/Create Water, Read Magic, Cure Minor Wounds
1-Expeditious Retreat, Sleep/Cause Fear, Hypnotism, Animal Friendship
2- Color Spray/Lesser Restoration
3- Haste

Travel Domain:
Granted Power- 1x/day 1 round freedom of movement
1-Longstrider: +10ft ground movement for 1hr/lvl
2-Locate Object
3-Fly: 60ft/Good for 1min/lvl, when ends, fall to ground at 60ft/round for 1d6 rounds and land safely

Apprenticeship feat: creating your own based on the examples: Since there is no listing under Spellcaster Mentor for spontaneous divine, weíll create our own based loosely on this entry (and the requirements our build needs too  )
-retain the +2 bonus to Spellcraft checks
-change the divine caster benefit to an additional 1st lvl spell known to the other elements list (as the spontaneous arcane version)
-associated skills: Survival, UMD

Animal Friendship is listed as a Shugenga spell in OA, and links to the PHB (3.0) for the spell description. Since the spell isnít updated in the 3.5 handbook, itís still a legal source. In the spell text, I can have up to 12HD of creatures as animal companions in general, or up to 6HD of animals as companions if Iím adventuring at 6th lvl.
-Dire Hawk, MM2 76 or RotW 189, advanced 1HD


For as long as he could remember, Nazzy always thought of himself as still a real bird. Just because he couldnít fly didnít mean he still didnít love the air and all its complexities. Growing up in the village Nazzy always found himself following the Priestess around. The Priestess could shape the elements and speak to the wind too! Nazzy began doing odd jobs for the Priestess, and then after a while of showing that he was trustworthy enough, became an actual apprentice to her highness. Nazzy learned to speak to the wind, and after a while was sent out to test himself in the wild.

Nazzy learned to make friends with the other creatures of the world, and one of them, Birdy, even accompanied him on his travels. When Nazzy had to go into or near other settlements, he would hide his true appearance, and speak to the strangers in their own tongues and dialects. In this way he met a friend who was always out looking for something but could never find it. Nazzy asked to help his friend find his thing, and was sworn into some secret cult.

Nazzy and Birdy traveled the world together, they both spoke to the wind in their own ways, and after awhile, Nazzy could soar on the wind right next to his bestest friend.


Scribe scroll and brew potion to give us more uses later for our limited spell pool and list. An ex-bird race infatuated with being a bird again and manipulating the air, making friends with a bird and eventually flying along side him as they adventure together. Smatterings, Communicator and Mimicry all working together. Some utility and support spells to help our friends out, we'll take our potshots with a crossbow as needed. Sudden extend to get our flying to last longer primarily, but always there for a special need. Boosting our weak saves and making sure we can get our spells off when needed.

Be a support player, not a blaster. Help your friends and Birdy out, take a backseat to the action. Birdy is trained to attack and defend just like a normal animal companion, and thus is a force multiplier.


Comp Adventurer: Force of Personality
Comp Arcane: Communicator, Sudden Extend
Comp Divine: Shugenga, Seeker of the Misty Isle
DMG2: Apprentice Feat
MM3: Kenku
PHB: Feats
PHB 3.0: Animal Friendship spell
RoD: Smatterings
RoS: Steady Concentration