Farmer Joe wakes up, bolting upright from where he lay asleep. He finds that he was yelling in his sleep. He looks drearily around the room without saying a word. His nightmares began after his family was murdered. When the chaos began and others started having nightmares his just changed. Now mixed with dreams recalling the mutilated bodies of his family he suffers dreams of a strange otherworldly nature.

Farmer Joe gave up the illusion of self preservation and real concern for the world around him weeks ago. His entire being has been one slowly consuming torrent of emotions, hatred, fear, and Despair which has culminated in a all consuming anger. The wild wanderings of a broken mind became mailable and receptive. Joe prayed to the unknown offering his eternal service in exchange for the power to seek vengence.

In Joe's darkest moment, in the lowest valley of misery something has answered his plea. Where the swelling tides of a dozen emotions constituting his misery once dwelled, one furnace of rage has taken its place. An anger so all consuming that Farmer Joe has learned he never truely felt emotion until now.

Joe is no longer alone, something or someone has taken residence in his mind...

Joe answers none of the questions. Nor replies to thier statements. His world, and the metrics by which he measures it have fundamentally changed.

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