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    Default Re: Land of the 6 Kingdoms 2: Please Let This Be A Normal Interdimensional Field Trip

    Roxan retrieved a crystal that pulsed with a pale pink light and pointed this stone at Dawn Blossom. The light poured out onto the filly who relaxed slightly in its glow, but went back to shivering when the magic had passed.

    Mossy returned with the first aid kit and gently slipped a thermometer into Dawn's mouth. The instrument showed a worryingly low number.

    "Frostbitten," the yak said, nose pointing at Dawn's blue hooves. "And maybe hypothermia. We must get her to a hospital."

    "We're in the middle of the storm though," Clever said. "We'd need to clear the deck of snow, figure out some way to navigate, probably manually start the wings, overcharge the engine... Any ideas?"

    Spoiler: OOC
    Thanks to the magic, Dawn Blossom is strong enough to speak, but not much else. Due to the hypothermia, she might be confused, suffer memory loss, or have slurred speech.
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