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"Just hang me already!"
The captain raises an eyebrow, but responds calmly, "That can easily be arranged. But I would learn about your nightmares first."

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"No, I am the one with the visions! I see you clearly, and it is not the poor farmer who will hang but you: hanging from the yardarm for piracy and slavemongering! I can see the shadow of death over you even now!"

She points at/above the captain, and indeed, he appears as if draped in shadow.
He appears intrigued at the demonstration, and loses interest in Joe. "Well, well! What have we here? The little beastie still has some fight in her! Let me tell you something girl; there are far worse fates than slavery. You think appealing to justice is going to get you anywhere with the current state of affairs? I am the shadow of death, and I have delivered many souls to the Lady of Graves. I have no fear of her. Now do you wish to come talk with me willingly, or shall I take you by force?"