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    Current projects:
    World Lore/Goddess Aliara
    base class/ Shield knight
    rework/Molten engineer

    Dungeons and dragons 3.5 classes
    Magic Predator Slime:Class based upon being a slime and learning from your enemies

    The Legendary Cook: class based upon ingredients and cooking with them.

    Monster Hunter: Class based upon the monster hunter games.

    Slipstream fighter: Class based upon Overwatch's Tracer

    Harmonic Wanderer: Class based upon Overwatch's Zenyatta

    Shadowed Veteran: Class based upon Overwatch's Reaper

    Angel of Hope: class based upon Overwatch's Mercy

    Vigilante: class based upon Overwatch's McCree

    Aerial Artillery: class based upon Overwatch's Pharah

    Mecha Pilot: class based upon Overwatch's Pharah

    Kyudo Master: class based upon Overwatch's Hanzo

    Cyborg ninja: Class based upon Overwatch's Genji.

    Molten engineer: Class based upon Overwatches Torbjorn

    Draconic Ascendant: Dragons, claws, and magic

    Blooded Warrior:Using the blood of themselves and others.

    Assault Mech: Class based upon Overwatch's Bastion

    Expanded crafting: A reworked crafting system that helps with nonmagical but powerful weapons, as well as customization.
    Viral Infested: Archetype for the Oracle class from Pathfinder

    Magic Slime:A slime that actually has an intelligence and is a fun character to play sherades with
    Kobolds, Maforian A Kobold whose lives revolve around a notebook.

    personal worlds lore
    Before the First Age: My own worlds god lore pt1
    Gilham the mountain:Pacifist god of nature
    Morrok:God of Nightmares and dreams

    Got a suggestion:
    feel free to message me with your suggestions or ideas, I am always looking forward to create more classes or even supplements. Hearing comments or messages from you always inspires me. go ahead and tell me what you think, it always helps. -Theperfect25
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