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Congratulations. I hope you enjoy yourself today!

Yup, here's hoping RNGesus is feeling kind today.
Would you mind if I wrote out Svetlana bringing the firewood? There wouldn't be any dialogue or anything like that, it's just to condense the scroll making from three posts (Three goes outside->Svetlana gets wood, fire is lit->Three attempts to scribe) to one.
Also, will there be posts after everyone gets up, but before the fight? If not, then Three casts Personal Weapon Augmentation on her crossbow to turn it into a Bane (Humanoid, Human) when the bandits are a couple of minutes away. It takes one minute to cast, so I'm mentioning it now.
(1) Yep, no problem with Svetlana bringing the firewood.

(2) (Also for everyone): I'm happy to do a writeup incorporating people's preparations without the need to provide an IC post. Just specify it here OOC and I'll include it. Might move us a bit quicker to the start of the fight.

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Zombulian, congrats on finishing college! Mind if I ask what your major was (just curious)?

And Saintheart, everything sounds good - the positioning works out for me. The only question I have, really, is regarding what happens if Dergosh casts Bless at the start of combat - would the buckwagon block line of effect for that? (It'll determine how many of us can get caught within the radius - I already know that Ruk and Gakan won't be inside the area of effect for it, being in the storehouse, and I don't think he'd have line of effect to Three, so it's really just a question of whether there'd be line of effect to Kuros or not.)

And Almonds, I have made sure to perform the proper rites to seek RNGesus's blessing on your behalf. Except for the ritual sacrifice of a d20, anyway - I don't have enough of those to sacrifice.
The buckwagon won't block line of effect; it's not a solid barrier that way, the spell can sneak through underneath or through the wheel spokes.

And ritual sacrifice? In my neck of the woods the ritual was to buy a big bunch of d20s and preroll all the 1s out of them. I knew one guy who did that ritual another way, too: he had a big bunch of dice and rolled enough of them so that eventually the only statistical result the dice "could" next roll was a 20. He then built a small box with foam padding and set the dice in place so it couldn't roll. If there came a moment where a critical was necessary, he'd pull out the box and take one of those prerolled dice.

I don't think this ever actually worked.