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    Quote Originally Posted by Bennosuke View Post
    Iíve PMíed Madmal. I would guess Santiago would be willing to help out here, but I want to give them the chance to choose, since you only get one use of the power per game, and because Madmal should have the chance to describe how Santiago asks, since it is a big moment for the character.

    I donít want to put the game on freeze, but lets give Madmal a little under a day to respond, otherwise I will take over.
    That works. Plus it'll give everyone a chance to weigh in and realize something is wrong.....

    ....even the Spirit.


    VERY IMPORTANT EDIT: If Kara goes into the Hard Rage, it will likely put the rest of the Pack into a Soft Rage. It's a cascading effect. Our first official act as a Pack could end in us going on a rage-fueled Murder spree.
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