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    Professions Tab

    Profession Boon: A benefit related to the profession that gets better for each profession talent you have for that profession.
    Profession Talents: Options you can choose as long as you have chosen the profession as one of your Professional class features.
    Magnum Opus: The benefit gained upon reaching 20 if you choose this profession as you primary profession.
    Professional DCs: Many professional talents have a DC. Unless otherwise noted the DC is DC 10 + 1/2 (skill ranks - 3) + skill ability mod.
    Profession Skill: When a talent reference profession skill or skill with out additional definition it is implicitly referencing the specific Profession(Name of profession) skill it is listed under. So the DC for surviving a assassin's one shot with 13 ranks in profession(assassin) and 14 wisdom would be 17(10 base + 5 due to ranks + 2 due to wisdom modifier).
    Mastercraft: These are items far and above normal items. They have exorbitant prices and boast impressive quality to match. Mastercraft items are broken down into tiers. Masterwork is the first tier. Making an item of a tier higher than 1 requires specialized training. To make a mastercraft item increase the masterwork craft DC by 5 per tier of increase. The new value of the item is base value + masterwork tier². Each tier grants the ability to apply 1 mastercraft mod to the item.

    Alchemist's Boon: You may make masterwork alchemy items. A masterwork Alchemical item has its DC increased by 1 or uses your professional DC whichever is greater. Masterwork alchemy items cost 50g more or 5 times their base cost whichever is greater. You can make mastercraft alchemy items. The highest tier mastercraft alchemy item you can make is 1 + 1 per alchemist talent.

    • Alchemist's Training: You may use Profession(Alchemist) in place of any craft skill used to make items related to alchemy and gain any bonuses that apply to the related craft skill while making such items to you profession roll.
    • Bomb Bouncing: When throwing a alchemy item double the items range increment.
    • Enhanced Yield Mod: You may apply this masterwork mod to any alchemy item that deals its damage all at once. The item deals 1 additional damage die. This can be applied multiple times each time adding a die.
    • Inured to the Fumes: You gain your skill ranks as a bonus to saves vs inhaled effects. At skill rank 10 gain immunity to inhaled effects.
    • Poison Use: You may apply poison as a swift action and you never have a chance of poisoning yourself.
    • Virulent Poison Mod: You may apply this mastercraft mod to any poison. The poison deals applies its secondary effect an additional time. The second instance of the secondary effect happens at the same interval after the secondary effect, as the secondary effect happens after the initial effect. This mod uses 2 tiers per time applied. This can be applied multiple times adding an additional instance of secondary damage each time.
    • Viscous Application Mod: You may apply this mastercraft mod to any alchemy item that is used up upon after preforming an action while it is applied(such as poison). This mod causes the alchemy application to have an additional use before the application is inert. This can be applied multiple times, adding and additional use per application.
    • Robust Elixir Mod: You may apply this mastercraft mod to any nonmagical beneficial alchemy item intended to be imbibed. The alchemy item provides 20% more benefit. All numerical benefits are multiplied by 1.2. This can be applied multiple times, adding an additional 20% or .2 to the multiplication.
    • The Rarest Ingredients: You learn the secret of wizard free "magic" potions. You can craft potions identical those created through the brew potion feat. These potions however are non-magical and any benefit they provide is an Alchemical bonus. Such a potion has a mastercraft tier of 2 per spell level. 0 level spells potions are tier 1. Such potions use the price of their magical counterpart as their masterwork value. The initial time taken allows for 0 level potions, each time after the first allows for 1 higher level. This may be taken multiple times. Requires skill rank 6, +3 ranks per previous time taken.
    • Philosopher's Stone: Learn to craft a uncommonly potent tool. The philosopher's stone is a porous rock used as a filtration medium, granting +10 to craft alchemy checks. After use in crafting 50,000g worth of items its core starts to develop a liquid in its core and the stones bonus increase by 1. The bonus increases by 1 per 50,000g worth of crafting it's used in. Once it has a +20 bonus it cannot improve further. If broken while it has liquid inside the liquid can be drank or poured onto a non-precious metal transforming it into a precious metal of the alchemist's choosing. The metal created must have equal or less weight then the metal used, and the stone can only make enough precious metal to match 1/5th the value stored while crafting. Alternatively it can be consumed causing the imbiber to hold age for 1 year per 1000g. Requires 19 ranks.
    • Alchemical Crucible: You learn the secret of creating an alchemical crucible. An alchemical crucible can be of any size but the size and users skill determine the limit to potential creations. A diminutive crucible can reforge (15 + skill bonus)² gold worth of materials into a creation. If multiple of the same item are used then an item of quality equal to the total value put in comes out. So 100 diamonds worth 100g could be used to make one diamond worth 10,000g. The crucible is stonework pot with dimensions inside equal to a cauldron of its size. Alchemical crucible costs 100g to make diminutive size and weighs 5lb. Making larger crucibles costs and weight follow normal size increase changes. Any item crafted in a crucible must fit inside it.
    • Advance Crucible Work:

    Magnum Opus: Seeing Truth Crafting alchemy items takes 1 minute. Mastercraft alchemy items take an additional minute per tier.

    Aristocrat's Boon: Gain a +1 per talent to all skill rolls when dealing with anyone who has an estate that costs more than 50g to maintain per month. The estate cannot be a place of business as its primary purpose.

    • Cohort: Gain a cohort as per the leadership feat. This cohort is a level 1 in a NPC class until you reach level 3. The cohort is not willing to adventure until you have another cohort they will aid in maintaining any estate or business you own.
    • Entourage: Gain an additional cohort. While adventuring you may only have a single cohort accompany you. You may take this an additional time per level.
    • Inheritance: You gain a stipend equal to 5% of all your estates values each month. This is to maintain the properties and pay for maids, ground keepers, taxes, and the like. You may choose to keep some of this money but it will be noticed if people aren't paid.
    • Regal Continuance: As a swift action benefit from a nonmagical version of sanctuary. The save DC is your professional DC. If a creature succeeds on the will save they are immune to it for the remainder of the encounter. You may only use this as your first action in a turn.
    • Long Nights: You learn to maximize your time taking brief naps when your attentions aren't required reducing your requires rest period by half. This effects the required rest period for daily abilities. This stacks with Time is Money reducing required time to 1/4th normal.
    • Dressed to Kill: You know how to dress and the magnificent outfits cause other to balk. If you wear clothes that provide no defensive benefit to AC you gain a deflection bonus to AC equal to the garments market vvalue divided by 1000 and square rooted. This benefit is lost if you gain a armor bonus to AC.

    Magnum Opus: Seated on a Throne of [Choose One]
    • Swords When in a war you are aware of, you gain +1d6 to any d20 roll against any opposing faction in the war. Requires BAB +15.
    • Trust When in a conversing in an open forum with more then 10 people, you gain +1d6 to any d20 roll to sway their opinion. Additionally there is a 1% someone does not know you.
    • Secrets: When in a group of 5 or more people, gain +1d6 to any d20 roll to pass or receive a secret message, suppress a truth, or reveal a secret.

    Assassin's Boon: Gain +1 bonus to hit when sneak attack would apply per odd talent. Gain +1d6 sneak attack damage per even talent.

    • Another Face in the Crowd: When in Urban terrain gain +10 to any skill check to conceal your identity or presence as long as there are at least 5 other people not looking for you.
    • Ambush Tactics: Gain an ambush feat you qualify for. This may be taken multiple times.
    • Assassination Strike: As a standard attack action take a moment to study a target and make a single attack against them and double all assassin's boon bonuses on the attack. Assassination Strike doubling of benefits apply before any other changes sneak attack die.
    • Case the Joint: You may use profession(assassin) in place of spot, listen, search.
    • Favorite Toy: You may choose a valid favored enemy and gain a bonus to any rolls against them equal to 1/4 your skill
    • One Kill: If your assassination strike dealt 50% of the targets current HP they must fort save or die. Requires skill rank 10.
    • One Shot: If your assassination strike dealt 75% of the targets current HP they must fort save or die. DC 10 + 1/2 (skill ranks - 3) + skill ability mod.
    • Poison Use: You may apply poison as a swift action and you never have a chance of poisoning yourself.
    • Stab in the Face: If the target of an attack that deals sneak attack damage can see you, but does not consider you an enemy your sneak attack die increases by 1 step.
    • Stalk The Prey: Gain track as a bonus feat and you may uses profession(Assassin) for any tracking checks.
    • Two Birds One Stone: If you kill a target with Assassination Strike you may make a second attack against a new target that benefits form assassination strike. Requires BAB +6

    Magnum Opus: True Death Your assassination strike is so deadly it cuts the soul. You sever the connection between body and soul, any effect that uses the body treats the corpse as if it was disintegrated to determine if the effect works. The darkness around their murder also causes the soul to have to make a will save to answer any contact attempted.

    Blacksmith's Boon: Any masterwork item you craft using profession blacksmith can make truly unique items. The blacksmith gains the ability to apply the Mastercraft Mod to items. The highest tier mastercraft alchemy item you can make is 1 + 1 per Blacksmith talent.

    Mastercraft Mod: Multiply masterwork bonus of the item by x2. This can be applied multiple times, increasing the multiplier by x1 each time. This may only be applied 1/4 Profession(Blacksmith) Ranks, rounded up.

    • Custom Weapon Modification(Chosen Quality): Choose a weapon quality, such as Trip, Finesse, or brace, you may now apply it as a mastercraft mod for weapons.
    • Hardened Mod: You may as a Mastercraft mod increase the hardness of an item by 1/5th its base hardness, minimum of 1.
    • Inured to the Flame: Fire resistance 2 per skill ranks. At level 18 resistance becomes immunity.
    • Inured to the Forge: Increases the highest temperature they can withstand by 20 degrees per skill ranks.
    • Integrated (Tool or weapon) Mod: This mastercraft mod adds a masterwork tool or light weapon to an item.
    • Smith Training: You may use Profession(Blacksmith) in place of any craft skill used to make items related to blacksmithing and gain any bonuses that apply to the related craft skill while making such items to you profession roll.
    • Scars of the Forge: The blacksmiths skin becomes hard and calloused granting +1 natural armor per 3 skill ranks.
    • Scars from a 1000 cuts: Gain damage reduction equal to con mod, not to exceed Profession(Blacksmith) Ranks.
    • Sharper Blade Mod: The weapon deals 2 additional damage as base weapon damage. This can be applied multiple times, increasing the damage by 2 each time. This may only be applied 1/4 Profession(Blacksmith) Ranks, rounded up.
    • Sturdy Mod: You may as a Mastercraft mod increase the HP of an item by 1/5th its base HP, minimum of 2.

    Magnum Opus: Perfected Form 1/year the blacksmith may automatically succeed at a Profession(blacksmith) check. This achieves the highest degree of success possible on the check. When taking 10 for profession blacksmith you gain an additional +5 to the result. You may take 10 on profession blacksmith checks regardless of situation.

    Merchant's Boon: Gain a +1 per merchant talent to all skill rolls when buying/selling goods and services.

    • Apprentice: Gain a cohort as per the leadership feat. This cohort must only take levels in classes you have levels in. This cohort may only learn talents you have. When the cohort leaves your service or reaches level 8 they are no longer restricted in class choice or talents.
    • Caravan Veteran: When traveling in group with at least one wagon all people gain the benefits of Time is Money and Food is for the Idle.
    • Food is for the Idle: You require 1/10th the normal required food for a member of your race.
    • Guards: Your talented at getting the best price even when it comes to protection. When hiring people to preform guard tasks for you subtract 1/4th your skill ranks(min 1) from the person being employed level for determining how much they must be paid.
    • Time is Money: You learn to maximize your time taking brief naps when your attentions aren't required reducing your requires rest period by half. This effects the required rest period for daily abilities. This stacks with Long Nights reducing required time to 1/4th normal.
    • Everything Has a Price: You may convince someone to sell an item normally not for sale. The check can be made with bluff, diplomacy, or intimidate with a DC of 30. If the item is particularly difficult replace the DC may increase by as much as 20. Requires skill rank 8.
    • Special Order: You may put in a request for a item that is filled in 1d20 days. The item treats the town as if it were 2 sizes larger. This may be taken multiple times, each time increasing the effective size of the town in regard to the request. Every size past 2 increases required for the item increase the time to find the item by 1d20 days.
    • Know the Market You can make an merchant check to find the best place to sell an item. Each check has a DC base on the item's value, 5 + 1/1000g. This can be taken multiple times each time increasing the divide by 1000g. IE 1st time 1/1000g, 2nd time 1/2000g, etc. Additionally the place with the best price will buy the item at 35% markup from standard sell value, +5% per time taken.

    Magnum Opus: King of the Deal When buying items they are automatically 25% cheaper then for anyone else, and items you sell always sell for 25% more then they would normally. You can find any item if you just ask the right people, having the funds is another question. Any item you special order cost 10% less. When negotiating you may take 15 on any diplomacy, bluff, intimidate, or sense motive checks.

    Soldier Boon: For each solider profession talent your base attack bonus increases by 1. This increase cannot cause your BAB received from the profession class to exceed your class level. Any increase that would bring your base attack bonus past class level is instead gained as competence bonus to any roll effected by BAB.
    • Advanced Weapons Training(Weapon Group): Whenever you take a feat that requires you to specify a weapon you may instead specify the chosen weapon group. Requires Basic Weapon Training with the chosen weapon group.
    • Basic Weapons Training(Weapon Group): Gain proficiency with a chosen weapon group.
    • Captain: Your presence on the battlefield is such a morale boost, that your allies begin combat as if under the effects of aid spell, caster level equal to skill ranks. This is an extraordinary ability and not a magic effect. Requires 16+ ranks in profession(Solider)
    • Combat Drills: Gain a fighter bonus feat. You may take this option once per skill rank.
    • Corporal: You have become uncommonly talented at leading in a tactical level. You may preform teamwork feats you have with any ally as if they had the feat. The allies gain any benefits of your teamwork feat as if they also had the feat. Gain a teamwork feat. Requires 8+ ranks in profession(Solider).
    • General: You are a legendary battlefield tactician. Anyone you consider an ally is treated as if they had any teamwork feats you possess as long as they can see you. Requires 21+ ranks in profession(Solider)
    • Guard Duty: As a swift action you can designate a target as your Ward. A ward may be a person, room, or small encampment. You gain 1/2 your skill ranks to any skill checks identifying and dealing with threats to your ward.
    • Heavy Infantry Training: You gain proficiency with Heavy Armor and Shields(including Tower).
    • Infantry Training: You gain proficiency with martial weapons, light armor, medium armor.
    • Man at Arms: Your professional levels count as fighter levels. Gain 1 bonus fighter feats.
    • Personal Guard: When you designate a single person as your ward you my give up 1 AC per skill rank to grant your ward the same amount of AC as a shield bonus. This shield bonus applies to touch AC. If the attack misses because of this bonus the attack checks against the professional's Flat-footed AC if it hits the professional is treated as the attacks target.
    • Town Guard: When designating a target of Guard duty you may designate a structure or town as your ward. Designating a town reduces the bonus to 1/4 your skill ranks. Requires Guard Duty.

    Magnum Opus: Warmaster Mode: You may enter a state of mind that allows use profession solider in place of any d20 roll you are required to make while in combat or planning for combat. Warmaster mode is very taxing and deals 1 con drain per round. This drain ignores all immunizes. If you do not have a Constitution score It instead applies to Charisma. If you do not have either score it applies to wisdom. No matter which attribute it applies to if drain caused by warmaster mode causes the ability score to reach 0 or deals drain while your ability score is at or below 0 you are killed/destroyed.
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