I don't really have a problem with the demons sensing each other, or even the bit with Lewis.
I just feel like the first scene with Ray figuring things out seems... i don't quite know. Somehow poorly constructed. The bit with the few words and how Ray took the information from it... I mean, who are we meant to praise? The information was pretty clear, so it's hard to see it as some genius act by Ray. Maybe you could praise the girl for being short and precise but then it seems like the obvious thing to say. I'll give her credit for taking in the details of their clothing but assuming Emma told them how she came there, it's pretty obvious who the two are, no? Maybe I'm being too critical here.
What bothers me more is just the "killing intent" or whatever bit. He wasn't smart or anything, he could shoot Nous because he... just has the ability to. Sorry, that's just lamer then about every other outcome to me.

But I hope Lewis will present a better fight!

And I guess Nous was talking to himself... because he was still digesting Nouma? Ew...