Rocket sigh: " Waiting for the next replacement is secondary in nature compared to what we should do about Dawn. The poor filly have nowhere to go. Clever, I'm a bit disappointed you haven't made this your priority in that intro of yours. In fact, I think we should consider what we did right and what we did wrong in our last mission. Learning from our mistake and all that and be honest with each other. But first, let's not get sidetracked and let's focus on Dawn. She doesn't have other relative? Do we really have to put her in a orphenage? I would rather not to be honest unless their is no other choices..."

Let's TEST Dawn first. I would love for her to prove she have what it takes to be the ship mecanics since she didnt apply normally for the job. Beside, considering the situation, it could be that she doesnt want to be put in a orphenage and could be lying to give herself time, right?