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    And now, because I'm both bored and exceptionally sleep deprived, a guide to public opinion in our fair land.

    At Reputation 8 the city full of people on a lifelong really good LSD trip is far and away the most beloved principality among us, helped by the fact that its rulers grant wishes and aren't even *******s about it.

    Coming in second at Reputation 6 are the international fraternity of tea merchants, who I presume all play a mean game of Pai Sho. Even aside from running drugs and poisons, enabling the entire region's caffeine addiction alone is enough to make them welcome wherever they go.

    Below them with a Reputation of 4 is the city-state of thugs who just broke in and murdered an innocent dragon minding his own business, and now slowly dole out their ill-gotten gains to buy people's goodwill.

    Then at Reputation 3 we have a horrifying angel who may or may not be the final boss of an upcoming JRPG. Would probably be rep 1 or 0, except for everyone I'm going to mention after them kind of really lowering the bar here.

    Reputation 2 sees our first tie between a bunch of massive regenerating horrifying monsters chanting Revanche! and talking about whatever the Troll equivalent of a border on the Rhine is, and expansionist gobliniod empire led by a demon/dragon/starspawn/bugbear thing with a messiah complex and an idea of manifest destiny. (Notably, these are the closest to, like, normal countries any of us have gotten).

    And finally, at Reputation 1, we've got a three-way tie!. On the one hand, there's the avian conquistadors with a bad habit of invasion, enslavement and immolation. On the second hand there's the massive wyrm with an even worse immolation habit and whatever you call delusions of grandeur when they're 100% correct. On the third hand, helpfully provided by the gentlething from the Altered State, we have what I can only assume is an unholy alliance between the Rat Queens and the cast of 8-bit theater but Angry Drunk 24/7.

    EDIT: ooh, ninja'd by the map. Tentatively going for 40? It seems like a good bay for a major city, and being close to the Paladins seems fitting.
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