Another mid-level undead, this one with 11 RHD. Somehow, I don't expect a high LA.

Ability scores are overwhelmingly unimpressive for something with this HD, with +10 strength being the main selling point (y'know, that boost you could get with a race and +1 LA template). The random energy resistances are moderately useful, DR 5/silver or good will probably prevent a fair amount of damage over the course of a campaign, and Unholy Toughness doesn't hurt to have either.

Two 1d10 tentacles and two 1d8 claws (which can probably be used for weapon-wielding) make quite a nice set of natural attacks, and Pounce nicely complements them. Improved Grab is starting to get less useful by this point though, especially on a half-BAB medium creature.

Last is the bonedrinker's signature ability, imaginatively named 'bonedrink', which deals 1d6 constitution damage per round to creatures the bonedrinker pins.

Mediocre ability aside, the design choices made here puzzle me greatly. Why is the damage to constitution, rather than strength or dexterity? Does having your skeleton eroded away in no way impart physical strength or ability to move? Why are creatures that lack constitution scores but do have bones suddenly immune? Truly, this is a mysterious creature.

That said, -0 LA seems most appropriate here.

Lesser Bonedrinker

Created from goblins rather than bugbears, with less HD (7, to be precise), but still bad. Small size on a creature meant to be a grappler doesn't work, especially as lesser bonedrinkers apparently don't get the +4 racial grapple bonus their cousins get.

With the grappling gone, lesser bonedrinkers are just pathetic excuses for a melee brute that arguably don't even outperform human warriors when it comes to combat efficiency. -0 LA once more.