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    "I'm sorry, you're right, the filly should come first," Clever Plan muttered, shrinking from Rocket's condemnation.

    "I agree with Nessy, I am not sure there was much else to do," Mossy began, dourly. "And Pema seemed to have been guarding Dawn and thought her sister had been lost to the storm. I lament we could not save her, but it was a dangerous situation we were ill prepared for. As for Dawn..." Mossy hesitated and let out a gentle sigh.

    "I think we need to tell her the truth, as slowly and gently as possible. Loss is a reality that cannot, and should not, be hidden from anypony. We let her grieve, support her, and then return her to her relatives. They would know her better than us, and be able to help her decide what to do."

    "If I remember from Lily's files, her parents are not with us," Clever said morosely. "Dawn only has some extended family she never really met."

    The filly in question then barged into the room and gave her proclamation.

    "What?!" Clever exclaimed. "Nononononono... we can't have a filly as part of the crew. For the Luna's sake you haven't even finished growing up! We will be going on all kinds of dangerous missions and I won't let somepony as young as you into harms way. Besides, you aren't trained and haven't been vetted by the Fleet! The Admiral would never stand for this absurd decision!"

    "Lily thought Dawn capable enough to take her to the Frozen Wastes, did she not?" Mossy countered. "And in my day, there were plenty of Ponies who helped in the fight against the chaos He wrought while they were quite young. Perhaps it isn't how most Ponies grow up, but she would still become a strong and learned mare." She then addressed Dawn directly and sternly.

    "Clever is right that we will be embarking on many dangerous missions. You need to understand that fully, before I will support you in joining this crew."
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