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Ooooooo, what did Dergosh carve??? :) Because he is intending to carve a large wolf paw with exaggerated claws (of course) on the front gates, but not until he gets Oleg's permission. Or maybe a wolf head with bared fangs, but that may be well beyond his artistic capabilities.
Honestly, I'd originally been trying to convey the idea that Dergosh kept missing his carvings and thus putting big scrape marks in the palisade from his "overswing". But this works better. Make an (untrained) Craft (woodworking) check. If you get above 10 on the cumulative result, Dergosh has carved a fairly crude but entirely recognisable wolf paw into the palisade close to the southwestern corner - a small miniature of the wolf paw he plans to do on the main gates.