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    Spoiler: Class Variants
    Rescuer Variant: The Tracker
    The tracker is specialist in locating and chasing down individuals no matter where they may be hiding, trading knowledge of how to deal with traps and certain combat techniques for an unparalleled ability to find anyone anywhere.
    Class Skills:
    Add Knowledge (nature) and Survival to the tracker's class skills. Remove Disable Device and Open Lock from their class skill list.
    Class Features:
    The tracker has all the class features as a rescuer except as noted below.
    Track: The tracker gains Track as a bonus feat at 1st level.
    Quarry (Su): At 5th level, the tracker gains the ability to designate a single creature as their quarry as a full round action. To designate a creature as their quarry, a target must either be within 30 ft. of the tracker or the tracker must know the target's name and have a relatively accurate description of the target's appearance. Once designated, the target will remain the tracker's quarry until they are killed or the tracker rescinds the designation, which they can do as a free action. A tracker can only have one creature designated as their quarry at a time. As long as the tracker and their quarry remain on the same plane, the tracker has at least a vague idea of where their quarry is. If the tracker has direct line of sight to their quarry then they automatically can identify their target, regardless of any disguises or illusions hiding the quarry's identity. If the tracker is within at least 100 ft. per class level of their quarry, they can determine the rough direction and distance they are from their target. If the target is beyond that distance, the tracker can only determine the rough direction their quarry is in (North, West, South, etc.).
    At 11th level, the tracker gains the ability to track their quarry even across planar boundaries. If a tracker's quarry is on a different plane, the tracker can automatically identify which plane they are on and can detect any portals to that plane within 100 ft. per class level.
    Starting at 15th level, the tracker's quarry ability gains the power to bypass most methods of magically blocking magical detection short of mind blank, wish, or miracle, and even these powerful spells offer no guarantees. If a tracker's quarry has one of these spells cast on them or has the spell as a continuous effect (such as from an item), then the tracker must make a Wisdom check with a DC equal to the caster level of the spell. If the tracker fails, then their ability to track their quarry is suppressed for 24 hours, or until the effect blocking it is removed. If the tracker succeeds, however, then their quarry ability functions normally for 24 hours, at which point they must succeed at another Wisdom check of the effect is still active.
    Trapfinding: The tracker does not receive the trapfinding ability at 1st level.
    Stunning Strike: The tracker does not receive the stunning strike ability at 5th level.
    Improved Stunning Strike: The tracker does not receive the improved stunning strike ability at 11th level.
    Greater Stunning Strike: The tracker does not receive the greater stunning strike ability at 15th level.

    Rescuer Variant: The Undercover Agent
    The undercover agent is a specialist in deception, trading the rescuer's medical knowledge for the ability to take on false identities able to withstand nearly any level of scrutiny.
    Class Skills:
    Add Bluff, Disguise and Intimidate to the undercover agent's skill list. Remove Heal from the skill list.
    Class Features:
    The undercover agent has all the class features as a rescuer except as noted below.
    Cover Identity (Ex): At 2nd level, the undercover agent develops a specific false identity. The undercover agent receives a circumstance bonus to Disguise checks to disguise themselves as their cover identity equal to one-half their class level (rounded up) and may add their Wisdom modifier to Bluff checks made to remain in-character. Furthermore, even efforts to magically read the undercover agent's identity can be fooled by this disguise; an individual targeting the undercover agent with a spell such as detect evil or detect thoughts must succeed at a caster level check opposed by the undercover agent's Bluff check or receive information consistent with the cover identity. An undercover agent may retire a given cover identity and create a new one, however this process takes a week of uninterrupted practice.
    At levels 6, 10, 14, and 18, the undercover agent may develop an additional cover identity.
    Medical Training: The undercover agent does not receive the Medical Training ability at 2nd level, nor the additional benefits at 6th, 10th, 14th and 18th level.
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