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    Default Re: D&D 5e Subclass Contest I: It's Technical

    I wanted to do something a little more lasery, so may I present the Bard College of Optics!

    For some bards, the future is just as important as the past. Many colleges focus on the development of new technology, magic, or artistic style as much as they do on the recording and passing down of old stories, songs, or cultures.

    One of those colleges is the college of optics. Formed by a lens grinder who discovered a way to use lenses to focus magical energy into the form of powerful light rays, it allows bards who study its techniques to manipulate magic through the use of lasers as well as music.
    Bonus Proficiencies
    When you first join the College of Optics at 3rd level, you gain proficiency in glassblower's tools and one other set of artisan's tools.

    Opticist's Glass
    Upon joining the College of Optics at 3rd level, you learn to craft a specialized tool, which combines advanced lenses with magical know-how to focus and redirect light. Your Opticist's Glass only functions for you, and has the following uses:

    • The Opticist's Glass functions as an improved spyglass. At your option, you may choose to adjust the magnification of items viewed through the glass from anywhere between two and four times normal size. Additionally, you have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks made when viewing distant objects through your glass.
    • The Opticist's Glass can be used to make a ranged attack against a target within 120 feet. This attack deals fire damage equal to 1d10 + your Charisma modifier.
    • You can use the Opticist's Glass to cast Silent Image as a 1st level spell at will by projecting holographic light. The space between the Glass and the image must remain unobstructed, and creatures have advantage on their Intelligence (Investigation) checks to identify that a projected Silent Image is illusory.
    • You can use your Opticist's Glass as an arcane spell focus for your Bard spells.

    If your Opticist's Glass is lost or destroyed, you can replace it by expending 500 gold pieces worth of materials with 8 hours of work. You can repair a broken Opticist's Glass over the course of a long rest, as long as you have it on hand.

    Focusing Lens
    At level 6, your Opticist's Glass improves as you add new lenses to its design to focus its power further. Whenever you hit with an attack roll using the Opticist's Glass, you can spend one of your spell slots to increase the damage dealt by that attack. The additional damage is 2d8 for a first level spell, plus an additional 1d8 for every spell level above that, up to 5th.

    Splitting Lens
    At level 14, you add an array of lenses and mirrors designed to fire additional shots from your Opticist's Glass. When you use your action to Attack with your Opticist's Glass, you fire two beams, instead of one, which can target the same creature or different creatures. You can spend up to two uses of your Bardic Inspiration to generate additional beams, gaining one for each expended Bardic Inspiration. When you use Splitting Lens, you can only use Focusing Lens on a single beam.
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