The Path To The Singularity

Man-Machine: At level three, when you take this subclass, you begin replacing your body with cybernetic parts. These initial improvements increase your martial arts die by one step and grant you resistance to poison damage, as well as advantage on saves against poison.

More Machine Than Man: At level six, you gain advantage on saves made against Exhaustion. In addition, you reduce all non-magical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage you take by your proficiency bonus (applied before resistance, if applicable).

Blinged-Out Robo Bits: At level eleven, you gain one of several upgrades:
-Rocket Fist-You can fire your fist as a projectile. This attack is treated as an unarmed strike, save it has a range of 60'/240'. You may do this up to twice-once for each arm-before you must reattach your fists. Re-attaching one fist is a bonus action, both is an action, and it requires you to recover your hand first.
-Rocket Legs-You gain a fly speed equal to your land speed, but must end your turn on solid ground or fall.
-Bionic Eyes-You double the range of your Darkvision, or gain Darkvision out to 60' if you did not already possess it. You can also focus your eyes as an action-if you do so, you gain Truesight out to 10' for as long as you both Concentrate (as if on a spell) and use your action every round.
-General Reinforcements-You gain +1 to your AC.

I, Robot: At level seventeen, you have become the machine-man hybrid you always wished to be. You gain immunity to Exhaustion, your More Machine Than Man feature now applies to all bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage, and you gain immunity to lightning damage. In addition, you may spend a ki point without an action to absorb lightning and charge yourself-when you would take lightning damage, the ki may be spent to heal yourself for the damage you would've taken, were you not immune.