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    Character Sheet, spoiled for length.

    Spoiler: Character Sheet
    Spoiler: Stats
    Athletics [13]
    Awareness [18]
    Dodge [13]
    Fight [12]
    Fortitude [14]
    Interaction [16]
    Knowledge [13]
    Parry [12]
    Performance [16]
    Perform Profession [15]
    Reflex [14]
    Research Language [14]
    Science [8]
    Technology [13]
    Toughness [11]
    Vehicles [11]
    Wilderness [12]
    Willpower [12]

    Name: Erin
    Alias: Firebrand
    Physical Form: A tall woman with tanned skin and short black hair.
    Astral Form: A writhing, winged serpent made of iridescent flames.
    Main Objective: To bring down the Inquisition or, at the least, to keep people as safe from it as she can.
    Coven Function: Erin is a a storyteller, and can often find information people may be looking for.
    Place of Power: Plains, or a desert, anywhere with a large amount of open land.
    Medium: An amulet, of copper and iron serpents wrapped around a fire opal core.
    Emotion of Power: Anger
    Catalyst: A ring, forged in the shape of a pair of twisting serpents, one of copper and one of iron.
    Material Component of Power: Forged and worked metals, particularly iron and copper.

    Note: Still working on figuring out catalyst/medium.

    Prepared spells:
    Shape Flame
    Fiery Secrets

    Spell Slots: 1/2

    Background: Erin was the daughter of a blacksmith. She grew up learning the trade, but she was never great at it. She was always more interested in fairy tales, and stories of magic. One day, a traveling storyteller decided to teach her a bit of his trade. She learned stories and how to tell them, and a bit more besides: she learned a spell. A spell that allowed her to learn more spells. She put this knowledge, the magic she had learned, into her blacksmithing, and became all the better for it. One day, the town was attacked by raiders. Erin, having grown proud of her magic, used it to defend the town, and fight off the attackers. However, an inquisitor had been passing through at the time, and her magic did not go unnoticed. The inquisitor didn't know who had used the magic, but believed it more likely to be the current blacksmith, rather than his daughter. The blacksmith was executed, his shop destroyed, and Erin fled the town, swearing vengeance for her father.

    Shape Flame: The life of flame is that of constant motion, always changing, always dancing. But its dance isn't always without a purpose. Erin can use this spell to create and control fire in the area around her, using it as a tool or a weapon.
    Fiery Secrets: Sometimes, if you listen just right, the fire will whisper truths to you. Are they secrets, kept by the fire? Or are they known by you already, and you just hadn't realized it? With this spell, Erin can learn things she may not normally have known from the fires around her, although those things may not be knowledge she wants to know.
    Brand of Flame: What is fire, anyways? Some say that it's a gift to humans, some say it's a creature of its own. And some scholars say that it's simply a series of Words, that can impose upon and alter reality simply by defining it. What would happen, then, if someone were to learn one of these Words? With this Word, Erin can mark a target, friend or foe. In doing so, she may choose to alter a target's attunement with fire, positively or negatively. Positive attunement may increase someone's resistance to and ability to wield fire, whereas negative attunement may have the opposite effect.

    Color: Dark Orange.

    Equipment: Traveler's clothes and supplies, her medium and catalyst, a collection of theater masks she uses to hide her face and assist her storytelling, various baubles, walking stafff. She never owns anything she can't carry, a habit gained from her past as an itinerant storyteller.
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