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    "Come now, she is eager to help and prove herself!" Mossy offered enthusiastically. "She could, at the very least, be the ship's engineer and stay on the Whinnylight when we went on particularly dangerous missions." If nothing else, she wanted Dawn to get that chance to find out what had happened to her sister.

    "I don't even know what your sister was doing with those blueprints," Clever complained. "While I still think this whole arrangement sounds insane, I can't deny that you have some measure of expertise. For now, at least, I suppose I can ignore my better judgement and let you stay on, as an engineer."

    Clever Plan sighed and took the Harmony Fleet pin off the table.

    "We'll have another mission shortly," she continued, marching towards the crew's quarters. "We should all get some rest. Especially you, Dawn."

    The Whinnylight and its crew slept, weary after an inauspicious beginning. In the morning, it would take to the skies and leave, off already on some other adventure.

    ♪ My Little Pony ♪

    Dawn Blossom - Hawkflight

    Evanescence- Emperor Ing

    Mossy Log- Humble Master

    Rocket Blast - Emmerlaus

    Roxan - Igordragonian

    Clever Plan - Kelly Sheridan

    Admiral Wind Rider - Himself

    Pema - Yona T. Yak

    The Tall, Horned Creature - [Redacted]

    Special thanks to the city of Vanhoover

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