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    Default Re: The LA-assignment Thread IV: Live Free or Hit Die Hard

    Cadaver Collector

    Continuing the trends of descriptive names, grittiness, and cripplingly high numbers of hit dice is the cadaver collector, a construct created specifically to gather bodies for necromancers and golem-builders. To me, that seems like a task that could be performed much more effectively by a couple of strong-stomached peasants, or maybe a handful of animated skeletons, but apparently an enormous construct is the way to go here.

    The racial traits are basically what you'd expect of a 17 RHD construct. Large size, lots of strength, two slams that deal lots of damage if nothing else, lots of natural armor, Trample, Improved Grab, and DR/adamantine.

    Grappled creatures can, with an additional grapple check (goodbye, standard actions), be impaled on a collector's spikes, which causes them to get pinned while the collector is no longer grappling them, and deals decent amounts of damage. I suppose it's useful against anything that isn't a giant melee brute and can't teleport, which at these levels is maybe one in six monsters.

    A collector's breath weapon is far more interesting, being apparently a paralyzing gas that is negated with dexterity rather than constitution. A semi-spammable (1d4 rounds cooldown) save-or-lose that target's Reflex is actually rather good. The errata, however, nerfs it considerably by setting the duration to 1 minute (enough to last through a fight, not enough for prisoner containment or crippling enemy forces), and making the effect end early when a paralyzed target takes lethal damage. The possibilities of foes slapping their allies mobile aside, this means dropping AoEs turns in a shapes puzzle if your casters don't want to un-incapacitate (capacitate?) bad guys. Also, the constitution-based saving throw DCs of something that has no constitution aren't going to be very high.

    The cadaver collector's magic immunity is actually kinda interesting. It rebounds all 3rd-level and lower spells, which won't come up much but is pretty neat. Sonic spells Slow a collector, while electricity ones heal it (making lightning spells a decent alternative for the Repair Light Damage wands you can no longer use). Also, rust and stone-transmuting spells damage collectors in spite of their immunity.

    All things considered, the cadaver collector is supposed to be good at something that stopped being viable a while ago (grappling and pinning), and its unexpected niche (reflex-based save-or-lose spammer) is not big enough to keep it from deserving a LA of -0. This is an ECL 17 monster, after all.

    Greater Cadaver Collector

    35 RHD, therefore -0 LA. That's basically everything I have to say here.
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