13. Chamber of Gossamer Agony
This room is full of silken strands so fine and strong that they cannot be seen by the naked eye and are capable of slicing through flesh. Treat this as a permanent nonmagical web effect, save that the web is inherently invisible and any creature moving through it takes damage as if by a wall of thorns.

14. Fountain of Euphoric Corrosion

This room is dominated by a beautiful marble fountain carved with nymphs, unicorns, or other benevolent creatures. The crystal clear waters are a powerful and anaesthetising acid (dealing 10d6 acid damage per round to immersed creatures, or 1d6 points to any creature touching or drinking from the fountain). The pool gives off a subtle, sweet fragrance - creatures must make a DC 14 Will save each round or desire to take a drink from the fountain, ignoring how it swiftly and painlessly melts their flesh to the bone.

15. Garden of Eternal Sleep
This chamber has walls of luminous crystal, pleasantly warm and humid air, and a variety of orchids, flowering vines, and fruit-bearing trees. Creatures take 1d3 points of nonlethal damage each round they remain in the room (no save) from the garden's enchantment.

16. Miniature Mirror Maze
The walls, floor, and ceiling of this small room are covered with polished mirrors that endlessly reflect each other and inanimate objects, but not creatures in the room. Anyone who (re)enters is subject to a maze effect, save that the effect does not automatically end after 10 minutes.

17. Scintillating Matrix
This chamber is very similar in construction to a Miniature Mirror Maze, save that the mirrors generate a blinding radiance instead of an extradimensional labyrinth. Creatures are automatically dazzled while in the room and take a -10 penalty on Search and Spot checks (which may disguise the presence of other traps). Undead and other creatures vulnerable to positive energy take 1d6 points of damage per round while in the room.

18. Wizard's Oubliette
This functions as a standard pit trap, save that any creature falling into the pit is feebleminded (DC 17 Will save negates) for as long as they remain in the pit.