When she had been under the medical care of Soothing Sunlight, Mossy had been told that the Kingdom of Kindness had fallen. For a long time, she had stubbornly refused to believe it. She had even pretended that the refugees from the Kingdom were fleeing some smaller disaster, and that they would return in time. This charade broke with time under the weight of reality, sending Mossy into a fit of tears and shivers. That the protection of the Tree of Kindness had failed, was unthinkable. As she looked out at the plains of tents, Mossy felt ashamed of ever denying these Pony's plight. Everything she had would be given to this mission, for the Ponies of Deliverance, and for the Tree.

"Greetings, I'm Mossy Log," she said with smile, hoping to cheer up the messenger. "We were sent to settle some dispute between the Kingdom of Honest and Deliverance. What exactly have these two communities been disagreeing about?"