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    Now you've inflicted it on me! (Perhaps the only way to break that curse is to transmit it?)

    4) Degeneration

    The victim is cursed with rapid aging, progressive memory loss, physical and social ineptitude, or some other ill effect. With each passing day they suffer a cumulative -1 penalty to certain ability scores (see below), to a maximum of -6. No ability score can be reduced below 1 in this way.

    Affected Ability Scores
    Arrogance Cha, Wis
    Bestiality Cha, Int
    Clumsiness Cha, Dex
    Fatiguability Con, Dex
    Idiocy Int, Wis
    Idleness Dex, Int
    Impermanence Con, Int
    Inadaptability Dex, Wis
    Incompetence Str, Wis
    Meekness Cha, Str
    Sloth Dex, Str
    Uselessness Int, Str
    Vulnerability Con, Wis
    Warping Cha, Con
    Withering Con, Str

    5) Exhaustion

    The victim is permanently fatigued (which can worsen to exhaustion as normal) and takes 1d6 points of nonlethal damage for every hour they do not spend resting.

    6) Ineptitude

    The victim is virtually incapable of lying or focusing, becomes incredibly gullible, or is in some way unable to perform a certain activity. They take a -30 penalty on a particular skill check (typically Bluff, Concentration, Craft, Perform, Profession, or Sense Motive).

    7) Madness

    The victim is incurably (and sometimes violently) insane. They gain a +6 bonus to their Charisma score, a -6 penalty to their Wisdom score, and are immune to all mind-affecting effects. At the start of each encounter they must make a DC 20 Will save or become confused for 1d4 rounds. They may also develop paranoia, megalomania, or other subtle mental illnesses.

    8) Misfortune

    The victim has truly horrendous luck. They take a -2 luck penalty on attack rolls, saves, skill checks, and their Armour Class. They treat a roll of a natural 20 on a d20 as a natural 1.
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