Guide to Craftworld Eldar
It's so funny that you think your opinion matters to me,
--Prince Yriel

Spoiler: Special Rules, Warlord Traits, Relics, and Powers
Ancient Doom: Reroll to hit Slaanash on the first turn of combat, add 1 to morale tests if within 3 inches. Maybe it'll come up someday.

Battle Focus: You don't take the penalty to advance and fire, unless it's a heavy weapon. You will pretty much do this every turn unless you're about to charge. Effectively makes most of your army have a move of 7+D6 or a flat 22 for Jetbikes.

The Path of Command: Reroll 1s near an Autarch. If he's your Warlord, get Command Points back on a 6. If you're taking an Autarch, make him your Warlord.

Path of War Objective Secured: Yes, Eldar have it too.

Heroes of Legend: Phoenix Lords don't get Craftworld traits, but they don't cause you to lose it either.

Bladestorm: Technically not a universal rule, but it's common enough I'm talking about it here. On all shurikan weapons, you get a -3 to AP on a 6 to wound. Incredible and it makes Shurikan anything your go to gun. If the gun doesn't have this rule, then it better have a similar AP or just a lot of damage to begin with.

Warlord Traits:

Ambush of Blades: On a 6 to hit, in the Fight Phase, when near your Autarch, your AP increases by 1. Alright, but fight phase only makes it weak.

Eye On Distant Events: Your Warlord can't be Overwatch'd. Nice to negate Overwatch so squishy units can get in freely.

Falcon's Swiftness: Add 2 to your move value. If you're running an Avatar as your Warlord, you likely want this one. Otherwise,
it's nice to make sure your buffs are always where they need to be.

Fate's Messenger: +1 wounds, ignore damage on 6. You've seen it before, it's always solid.

Mark of the Incomparable Hunter: Your warlord can target characters directly. A shame you can't give your warlord a decent gun. So pretty much useless.

Seer of the Shifting Vector: Once per round, reroll a single roll for your warlord (except advancing). Good for Farseers, since it works on Deny as well, and otherwise decent if you are playing risky with your Warlord. If your Warlord is a buff bot, give it a pass.

Faction Warlord Traits
Alaitoc: Fearless within 6 of your Warlord. Absolutely amazing for Alaitoc which wants to be running a lot of low morale Rangers, and has no morale mitigation outside of an Avatar.
Biel-Tan: Give one unit within 3 inches reroll to hit in the shooting phase. Pretty good, but an Autarch's reroll 1s is almost the same,
except when it isn't.
Iyanden: One more Deny roll per phase. How many Farseers and Warlocks are you running? Will you actually use it? Because if you do, it's great, but otherwise it's useless.
Saim-Hann: You can heroically intervene towards characters. If you get in combat add 1 to the amount of attacks if you put everything against that character. This is almost impossible to activate, and the bonus is really minor. Because you can get +1 attacks all of the time, from the rulebooks Warlord traits. Never take this.
Ulthwe: Roll a dice every turn (yours and your opponents), on a 6 gain a Command Point. Eh, not bad if your Warlord doesn't need to do anything.

Craftworld Traits
Alaitoc: AKA the best one. -1 to hit at 12+ inches. It also stacks with other penalties, so have fun with a Hemlock that's -2 to be hit. Or just a bunch of Rangers at -2.
Biel-Tan: +1 LD for all Aspect Warriors. Also reroll 1s for Shurikan Weapons. Absolutely incredible for Jetbike units, Dire Avengers, and Guardians. Kinda crap for most Aspect Warriors since they already had a small unit size and really good LD. And Biel-Tan want to take an Avatar anyways.
Iyanden: You can only ever lose 1 model to Morale. And you count as double the wounds for degredation of vehicles. Another amazing trait, it lets you spam large Guardian squads with impunity, and take as many Wraithlords and Wraithknights as your twisted little heart desires. Particularly Wraithlords who will only degrade when they've got 2 wounds remaining.
Saim-Hann: Reroll charges and Jetbikes can move and fire Heavy Weapons without penalty. The Scatbike is back! Kinda. Shurikan Cannons are still better. And the bonus is better for Footdar who have more distance to travel anyways. Or for Webway Assault.
Ulthwe: Ignore damage on a 6. This stacks with nothing, so if you've got Fortune, another ability, or a warlord trait, this becomes useless. This is alright. Extra surviveability is always nice, but there are lots of stuff in the book that can get you the same bonus and since they don't stack, this is only good on stuff you expect to die, which benefits more from one of the other traits.

Remnants of Glory:
Kurnous Bow: A super shurikan pistol. Mostly garbage cause you can get something better then a shurikan pistol, even a super one.
The Phoenix Gem: When you die, inflict D3 mortal wounds on each unit (friend and foe) within 3 inches on a 2+ (roll for each unit). f at least one mortal wound if inflicted, you stand back up with one wound. One use only. A fun little suicide bomb, but not very optimal.
Shard of Anaris: Powersword with reroll to wound and D3 damage. Pretty decent, but a Laser Lance comparable and not a relic.
Faolchu's Wing: Make an infantry model fly and have a movement of 12. Or just take a Jetbike for more move, an extra toughness and an extra wound and just take a better relic instead.
Firesabre: The other super power sword. +1 S and -4 AP is nice, and causes an additional mortal wound on 6s. It's mediocre but alright.
Blazing Star Of Vaul: Gain 2 shots on a shurikan pistol or catapult. What did I just say about taking a weapon that's better then shurikan pistol? Bringing a Jetbike up to 6 shots isn't awful at least.
Shimmerplume of Achillrial: Autarch only. -1 to hit said Autarch. Very solid for any Autarch, particularly if they are your warlord.
The Spirit Stone of Anath'lan: Biel-Tan only. Reroll failed psychic tests, but if you fail the reroll you can't cast any more powers that phase. Wow, how the mighty have fallen. This artifact used to be always taken, and now it's garbage. Farseers already get one reroll free, and it doesn't cost them their remaining powers on a fail. You can take this on a Warlock if you really want to get a power off, but I'm leery of that. Still it's something.
The Burnished Blade of Eliarna: Biel-Tan only. Powersword with 2 damage. Against Orks get +1 Strength and Damage. Meh, the Firesabre or Shard of Anaris is better.
Shiftshroud of Alanssair: Alaitoc infantry only. So no Jetbikes sadly. -1 to hit this model and they can SUA. The best relic for the best faction. Because it stacks so you have a -2 to hit their Warlord.
Psytronome of Iyaden: Iyanden only. Duh. One use only, double the attacks of all wraith constructs within 6 inches of this model. In return all wraith constructs within 6 take D3 mortal wounds at the end of the fight phase. Absolutely incredible, and great for Wraithblades, Wraithlords, and particularly Wraithknights. It has to be taken on a psyker, but put this on a Farseer with a Jetbike. Then with good positioning and timing you can deliver some massive hurt on anything in the game.
The Novalance of Saim-Hann: Saim-Hann only. The laser lance to end all laser lances, this puts you at a base strength of 5 off the charge. On the charge you're strength 8. It shoots at strength 6, just to be weird. But if that's not enough for you, then on a 6 to wound you deal double damage. Empower someone with this baby, and go character hunting.

Runes of Battle
All Warlock powers have 2 forms, and you can cast both forms in the same phase. They also all have an 18 inch range. They only work on Infantry or Jetbikes, so no buffing vehicles or monsters I'm afraid. Most of these powers are Warp Charge 7 with some being 6.

Conceal/Reveal:Conceal to -1 to hit. Reveal to deny cover to one enemy. You will never, ever use reveal. Ever. Conceal is amazing, but most importantly, you cannot use it on Hemlocks! You used to be able to, but now you can't. So be sure to catch that! Also is warp charge 6.
Embolden/Horrify: Embolden to add 2 to leadership or Horrify to -1 to enemy leadership. Embolden is useless because you already have amazing LD and a bunch of other ways to ignore morale. Horrify is alright, and at least combos with Mind War. Warp Charge 6.
Enhance/Drain: Add 1 for your unit to hit, or -1 to the enemy unit in the Fight Phase. Pretty decent and solid. Nice to toss on Scorpions if you can.
Protect/Jinx: +1 to all your saves, or -1 to all your enemy saves. Yes, ALL SAVES. So you can lower the enemies invulnerable save or buff your own. Absolutely amazing at all times.
Quicken/Restrain: You can either take another movement phase, and it says move as if it was the movement phase, so you can Advance as well. Or restrain to half their movement. Most of the time you'll want Quicken, but Restraining something like Nurgle Terminators is hilarious.
Empower/Enervate: +1 to wound in the fight phase, or -1 to for the enemy unit to wound you in the fight phase. Pretty good and always useful for melee units. Warp Charge 6.

Runes of Fate:
Unlike Runes of Battle, these powers can effect any kind of unit, regardless of type. With an exception of Mind War. Most of them are Warp Charge 7, except for Will of Asuryan which is 5.

Guide: Reroll all misses in the Shooting Phase. Solid, and you know it.
Doom: Reroll all wounds on enemy unit til the next psychic phase. It's better then Guide in every way, particularly since more rerolls equals more Bladestorms.
Fortune: Ignore damage on a 5+, but it doesn't stack with anything. Pretty decent regardless, and your go to source of FNP. Toss it on anything you really don't want to die.
Executioner: Super Smite. Kill something with the first D3 mortal wounds, and inflict another D3. Casts on a 7, but worth it.
Will of Asuryan: Auto pass Morale within 6 inches of the Farseer. Yawn. But more importantly, it also gives you +1 to Deny for the next Psychic phase. Very helpful in combating smite spam. Remember your Farseer gets a reroll in the enemy Psychic phase as well.
Mind War: It hasn't changed. Snipe characters with it, and inflict mortal wounds for every point you beat their LD+D6 by. It's alright, but hard to use on anything important. It can combo with Horrify, Hemlocks and whatever else can lower LD though. Getting a -2 or -3 is very possible if you build for it and take allies.

Spoiler: Stratagems
Matchless Agility: Advance 6 instead of rolling for it. Occasionally very useful when you absolutely need that extra distance. It happens more then you think.
Celestial Shield: Give a unit of Guardians a 4+ invulnerable save for the shooting phase. Remember, it stacks with Protect, so you can make a very durable unit by using this stratagem.
Cloudstrike: Can't be used if Webway Assault has been used. SUA any vehicle that can fly. Keep your Falcons and Wave Serpents safe, and ensure they get their passengers to their targets without fail. Pretty nice.
Treasures of the Craftworld: Take an extra relic. It's alright, but most relics aren't that great. Make opponents cry by taking a Shimmerplume and a Shroudshift so they can't hit any of your characters. Remember you can't put them on the same person though.
Forewarned: If an allied unit is within 6 inches of a Farseer, and can see a unit SUA in, they can shoot them as if it's the shooting phase. Absolutely fantastic against any SUA unit. Just position a shooty unit so it has good LoS, and is near a Farseer and you're good to go.
The Great Enemy: Reroll to wound in the Fight phase against a Slaanesh unit. K.
Concordance of Power: Double the range when a Warlock Conclave manifests a power. Wow, that was almost good. Instead kinda trash because the Warlock Conclave is bad. More on that later.
Unparalleled Mastery: If you successfully cast your last power, you can cast one more power. Sometimes you just gotta smite, but you also want to do more stuff. It's useful occasionally.
Feigned Retreat: Fall back, shoot and charge. Very nice. 2 CP though, and it is kinda niche, since a lot of stuff won't actually survive to Fall Back, or it already has the Fly rule. Amazing for Shining Spears though.
Linked Fire: Declare a target for one Fire Prism. Then every other Fire Prism can target that unit (even if they don't have range or LoS!), and they get to reroll to hit and to wound. Then so long as one other Fire Prism targeted that unit, the first one also gets to reroll to hit and to wound. If you have a Fire Prism, you should have two. And then alpha strike something important with this stratagem. It's only 1 CP. Do it. If they don't kill your Fire Prisms, then do it again. It's good enough that you do it every turn until you only have one Fire Prism or run out of CPs.
Lightning Fast Reactions: -1 to hit an infantry unit or something with fly for that phase. What's that? It also stacks with Alaitoc? Why it's almost like they are the best Craftworld! It happens after they declare their target as well, so you can really shut down some heavy weapon fire, or punish them for declaring an overcharge.
Supreme Disdain: I love that name. Oh, and it generates an extra attack on 6s to hit in the Fight Phase. Combo with Enhance, it's alright.
Webway Strike: In deployment make one infantry or Jetbike unit SUA. Pay 3 CP to make two units SUA instead. Very very good, and works for too many units to go over now.
Overloaded Energy Projectors: Discharge your Serpent Shields again. For 1 CP? Do it. 1 CP for an additional D3 mortal wounds is almost always worth it.
Starhawk Missile: An Eldar Missile Launcher gets +1 to hit a unit with Fly and inflicts D3 mortal wounds on a hit. It's decent but Eldar Missile Launchers are the most expensive heavy weapon you can take, so I'm iffy on them.
Seer Council: If a Farseer and Warlock are within 6 inches of each other add 1 to both of their Psychic phases. God. Yes. This can be absolutely huge for getting off those crucial powers.
Fire and Fade: Shoot, then move 7 inches. It's alright, but you can't charge after using it. Good for kiting something slow though.
Runes of Witnessing: Reroll 1s to wound if you're within 6 inches of a Farseer. Very good, but 2 CP makes it too pricey to spam. But it can be crucial.
Phantasm: Once the game starts, but before anything moves, redeploy 3 units. A transport with guys inside count as one unit. Very nice to counter deploy if need be. At 2 CP though, I'd try to avoid using it.
Tears of Isha: Heal a Wraith construct D3 wounds. 2 CP means it's only really worth it to get back up a level of degradation.
Vaul's Might: If your Support Weapon is within 6 inches of another Support Weapon, then reroll 1s to wound for both weapons. I don't know if it's the wording, but that it doesn't say Support Weapon unit. If you're unit has more then one weapon, then spam this Stratagem and get the most out of those D-Cannons or whatever.
The Avatar Resurgent: For 3 CP respawn your Avatar with D6 wounds if it dies in the Fight phase. Happens after they resolve all of their attacks, so you don't need to worry too much about being double killed. Very nice, but very niche and expensive. They really don't want to be in close combat with your Avatar anyways.
Pathfinders: Alaitoc only. If a unit of Rangers have cover, you can make it so they can only be hit on 6s. Happens at the start of the shooting phase. Mostly a waste, since they already have a -2 to hit them, unless they are close. If they are close, your Rangers are about to die in melee. So very, very niche. Almost never use this one.
Court of the Young King: Biel-Tan only. Give a unit +2 to charge and reroll 1s to hit. That's decent. If within 6 of an Avatar when this is used it's +3 and reroll all misses. Plus you get to reroll to charge from the Avatar. Not bad at all.
Guided Wraithsight: Spiritseers now effect enemy units within 12 inches instead of 6 and Wraiths get to reroll all misses instead of just ones. Wow. Garbage. Spiritseers almost need this base to be usable. Having to pay a CP is just an insult.
Warriors of the Raging Winds: Saim-Hann only, use in the movement phase. A Jetbike unit can advance and charge. Plus it rerolls to hit rolls of 1 in the Fight phase. Very good for 1 CP and makes for an easy first turn charge for a unit of Shining Spears.
Discipline of the Black Guardians: Ulthwe Only. Add 1 to hit rolls for a Guardian unit. Pretty good.

Spoiler: HQ
Eldrad Ulthran: for 50 extra points (or 20 if you are looking at a Jetbike Farseet) you get an extra power, a +1 to your powers so long as you pass the last one, a better Invulnerable save, and a slightly better witchblade. Oh, and an extra wound. Pretty worth it,
except you have to be Ulthwe. Well, you can always get around that with a Supreme Command Detachment though.

Farseer/Farseer Skyrunner: You want one. You might want two. They are very good, with 2 powers per phase, and some very nice powers to cast. At only 100 points they are a steal. Added bonus, they have a 5+ to ignore mortal wounds, which goes to a 2+ to ignore Perils. Pay 30 extra points for +1 T and +1 wound on a Jetbike. Your save does NOT get better though. But with a 22 inch move when advancing you can make sure your Farseer is wherever you need them at all times.

Warlock Conclave: For 5 points less then the base Warlock you only get 1 Power per 3 models (rounding up), loses the character rule, but can have a better Smite at least. Honestly not awful on it's own merits but Warlocks can be taken on their own, and thus becomes awful. Can be put on Jetbikes but that doesn't change anything important.

Warlock/Warlock Skyrunner: Warlock powers are absolutely incredible. Protect/Jinx, Conceal, and Quicken are almost must includes in any army. Again 30 points to add a Jetbike. That starts to get pricey, but the extra durability is very nice. I'd recommend taking 3 of them at least. Also a decent melee unit with always wounding on a 2+ and D3 damage. No AP though, so bad against Terminators and the like. Their Smite is also awful, doing only a single mortal wound at 9 inches.

Spiritseer: 10 points more then a Warlock on foot for twice the wounds. It has a proper smite too. But it has to go on foot, and the Spirit Mark ability is useless since it only activates when you're within 6 inches of an enemy model. Actually decent if you are just comparing it to a single Warlock. But the points saved after getting 3 is pretty hefty. Besides, you aren't really taking Warlocks for smite spam anyways, because their powers are just that good.

Prince Yriel: A foot Autarch with 1 extra wound and a pretty sweet spear. A cool one shot Pistol too. Sadly you have to reroll saving throws of 6 in close combat, and he doesn't have a real gun, so he's kinda bad. For an extra 35 points on a bad unit I'd pass.

Autarch: ...Why can't you give him anything? Like literally anything. He has a Not A Powerfist and that's it. Surely you can scrape the points up for a better choice.

Autarch with Swooping Hawk Wings: for ~25 points you get a fusion pistol, a 14 inch move, the ability to SUA, the ability to enter reserves if needed, and mandiblasters. Yeah, that's worth it. Actually being able to keep up with your troops is nice, being able to do something is even nicer. Not bad if you're scrapping points or just like the model.

Autarch Skyrunner: Only 10 points more then the Wings, and you get +1 T, and +1 W and +2 M. You also can take a Fusion gun or a Laser Lance. Autarch's are most useful for Path of Command, and you'll typically want one for your warlord. I find a 6 inch bubble is plenty of space for buffs, so I'd only take the one. With a 22 inch move on the advance you can make sure you've got that buff pretty much where it needs to be.

The Avatar of Khaine: I love this model and it's an absolute beatstick in close combat. 5 Attacks at S8, AP -4, and 2D6 take the highest damage, it'll one shot anything short of a Lord of War. The Avatar has a 3+/5++/5+++ base, and will tear apart pretty much anything in close combat. It's also a character with 8 wounds, so yay. For an added bonus it can shoot it's attack, and it makes everyone within 12 fearless and can reroll charges. Sadly at 250 points, I can't say it's a must have, but it's a strong unit if you want it.

Illic Nightspear: A super sniper, who really hates Necrons. He's Alaitoc and a Ranger so you'll be hitting him at -2. His sniper always wounds on 2+, except against vehicles, has an AP of -3, does 3 Damage, and still deals an additional mortal wound on a 6. He gets +2 to his cover saves and can SUA before the game begins. At only 80 points there's no reason to not take him.

Spoiler: Phoenix Lords
Each Phoenix Lord has a 2+ save, T4, 6W, and most of them have 4A.

Asurmen: He gets +1 Attack, and gives all aspect warriors a 5+ invulnerable save when within 6 inches. Dire Avengers get a 4+
instead. Very nice. He has a 4++ against shooting and a 3++ in close combat. Otherwise nothing special. At 175 he's the most expensive Phoenix Lord, and is only alright.

Baharroth: He has a super grenade pack that hits on 4+ and gets 3 shots. He gives +1 Ld and +2 to to Swooping Hawks. He also lets Swooping Hawks reroll 1s to hit. Not worth the 110 points.

Fuegan: Has a 5+ to ignore damage, and gives Fire Dragons reroll 1s to hit. Also after he takes a wound, he gets +2 S and A. So he's a pretty decent beatstick with an AP -4 weapon at S5/7 and D3 damage. Has a Firepike, so he can Melta stuff. At 150 points, he's alright.

Jain Zar: Always gets to go first in combat, and gives that to Banshees within 6. She can Advance and Charge, and gets all the Banshee abilities. Most importantly she can disarm an enemy infantry model on a 3+. Easily the best Phoenix Lord.

Karandras: 4 Mandiblaster shots, that activate on a 5+. He lets all scorpions get extra attacks on a 6+. He has the same abilities as the other Scorpions, so he's not that great.

Maugan Ra: Has a better Shurikan Cannon (or a crappy 1 shot version which sucks), with 1 extra shot, and -1 AP base with Bladestorm. He can shoot it twice, always hits on a 2+, and lets all Dark Reapers wthin 6 reroll 1s. At 140 points, he's worth the expense in a shooty Eldar list. Without Dark Reapers to enhance, I don't think he's worth it.

Spoiler: Troops
Guardians Defenders: Your bread and butter, these guys have your shurikan catapults and a 5+ save. You can use Celestial Shield and other shenanigans to keep them up, but they'll die fast. They can have Heavy Weapons, but I recommend Shurikan Cannons, because they are assault weapons, so you can Battle Focus without penalty.

Storm Guardians: Guardians with Pistols. It's as bad as it sounds. You can take 2 Fusion Guns, but seriously, just take Fire Dragons and an actual melee unit instead.

Dire Avengers:: For 4 points more, they get an extra 6 inches of range, a 4+ save, and Overwatch on 5+. I'd say it's worth it, and these guys are my go to troop choice for rate of fire. Give them a Shimmershield for a 5++ if you want to make them more durable.

Rangers: Eldar snipers. At 12 points a model, they might just be the best snipers in the game. You take a -1 to shoot them, they get +2 from their cover, and can SUA at the start of the game. Spam them like crazy.

Overall, Eldar have pretty much no bad choices for their troop choices. All of them can be quite amazing, and are cheap enough to be used in any combination and used frequently. Just pretend Storm Guardians don't exist.

Spoiler: Elites
Howling Banshees: A unit of power weapons at S3. They get +3 to the charge distance, you can't overwatch them,
and you take -1 to hit them in close combat. Webway Assault them for a first turn charge, and they'll do some decent damage against pretty much anything. The Executioner now is only S4, but take it over Mirror Swords. The extra oomph to wound and damage is better then rerolling to hit.

Striking Scorpions: SUA only works on turn 2 now, and getting mortals on 6 isn't very good or reliable. Sadly, they aren't that great at anti-horde anymore, since they don't really have any more attacks then any other Eldar melee unit. The Exarch's power claw is great, but it's only S6, so it's not amazing against vehicles. As much as I love this unit, they just aren't as good as Banshees.

Fire Dragons: A squad of melta guns that gets a crucial reroll of 1s against vehicles and monsters. It's almost always worth it to take a unit of these guys, and either Webway assault them in, or toss them in a Falcon. They have Battle Focus, so you can always advance. The Exarch rerolls 1s to hit, so don't take the Dragon Breath Flamer. Either a normal Fusion gun, or a Fire Pike. You don't really want them shooting at hordes anyways.

Wraithblades: They are big, tough, and with 3 attacks each on the charge at S6/7, they'll do some serious damage in close combat. Sadly they are slow, so they either need a Wave Serpent or to be Webway Assualted in. But with T6 and 3Ws, and a 4++ if you take the Forcefields they'll likely make it to combat eventually.

Wraithguard:: Just as tough as Wraithblades, but with guns instead of blades. D-sythes have an 8 inch range, and do D3 auto hits at S10 AP -4, and 1 damage each. I prefer the Wraithcannons, for the 12 inch range, but also for the D6 damage each. They also can handle themselves in close combat, with AP -1 and D3 damage. Don't worry about being bogged down, they can fall back and shoot. Sadly they do NOT have Battle Focus, so you take the -1 to Advance. Wave Serpents are recommended, but walking is possible with Warlocks backing them up with Protect and Conceal.

Some good melee choices here, but it depends on your meta really, since Banshees aren't very good against monsters and hordes, but are fantastic against nearly everything else. Also denying Overwatch and being very mobile makes them useful to tying up tanks, even if they won't kill it. Wraithguard and Fire Dragons are the best choices for anti-tank in the book.

Spoiler: Fast Attack
Windriders: Took a pretty big nerf in losing Jink, going to a 4+ save, and no longer being able to shoot and move back. Still very decent, and incredibly fast. I recommend Shurikan Cannons, as they are only 5 points more then the twin catapults for +2 S and +12 Range. They are assault weapons so you can Battle Focus 22 inches and have Bladestorm to boot.

Vypers:Well they exist. Truly, they aren't bad. But being 14 points more then 2 Windriders, you only get +2 W, +1 T, and a 3+
save. For the same amount of shots. It's tough to say which is fully better, as being T5 can be huge. Either option will likely serve you just as well. Oh, important detail is they do count as Jetbikes, so Saim-Hann kicks in with them. They can take any heavy weapon, so being able to move and shoot it without penalty can be big.

Swooping Hawks: They aren't awful, but they struggle to do much. They can grenade pack every turn, doing mortals on 6s, one bomb for every Swooping Hawk. They can SUA, and Skyleap back in the air for rapid redeployment. But Lasblasters are only S3, with no AP and no Bladestorm, so they just don't provide enough shooting to bother with.

Warp Spiders: They can SUA in, you take a -1 to hit them,and they can reroll failed morale. But most importantly, they go 7 inches+4D6, though they can't charge if you do that. Their weapons are S6 with Bladestorm (slightly better at -4 instead of -3), and they have a 3+ save. Oh, you can lose guys on a double 1 when you activate SUA or the -1 to hit, but that's very minor.

Shining Spears: The Laser lances have very good shooting, even if it's only 6 inch range. But S6, AP -4 and 2 Damage will tear apart high wound high armor save units to pieces, on the charge or at close range. Plus they can still fire their Twin Shurkian Catapults, giving them good anti-horde at the same time. At 4 shots a piece they'll throw out an impressive amount of fire power. They have a 4++ against shooting, and the Exarch is even better against Vehicles and Monsters. They have very devastating charges, and are overall a very solid, hard hitting, unit for any Eldar army.

Again, lots of good stuff, depending on what you need for your army. Fast attack is likely the best source of anti-horde stuff in your army, since everything simply gets so many shots. Everything has fly, so you can always fall back and shoot as well.

Spoiler: Heavy Support
War Walkers: Another great source of spamming shurkian cannons. They can SUA off the board edge, but that's not that important. More importantly, they have a 5+ invulnerable save. They can also take other heavy weapons, making them ideal gun platforms.

Wraithlord: Back to T8! They needed that badly. They used to be simply too fragile to do anything. Now, they are much better. They are decent in close combat and decent at shooting. Sadly, moving makes them worse at shooting, so they are kinda a jack of all trades, master of none unit. They degrade at 5 wounds, so they can fall apart fast. And they get expensive if you give them multiple heavy weapons. Overall, I'd stick to the War Walkers if I just want the heavy weapon platforms. However they become amazing for Iyanden, since they'll then only degrade when they hit 2 wounds. Add the relic and they can deal 8 attacks at S7, AP -3 and 3 damage each in close combat. Or take Ghostglaives for +2S -4 AP and D6 damage. Take 3 and power bomb Mortarion when he gets too close.

Support Weapons: Eldar artillery that are no longer T7 because that was just stupid. D-Cannons are very expensive at 75 points per pop, and they are short range. But D3 S12, AP -4 and D6 damage will tear things apart. If they survive to do so. Short range, and a costly price tag. Vibro Cannons are long range, but they almost need to be a squad of 3. And they are 60 points each. So ow. And even then, they aren't that good. Avoid them. Shadow Weavers and pretty decent. At 38 points a pop, they are a decent amount of points, and D6 S6 shots with Bladestorm isn't that bad. Makes them comparable to Warp Spiders at least.

Dark Reapers: Always hitting on a 3+ and with rockets that are 2 shots at S5 AP -2 D2, or 1 shot at S8 AP -2 and D3, these guys are great anti-tank, anti-flyer, and anti-marine unit. Give the Exarch a Tempest Launcher and they are Anti-horde as well. But in an era where there are a ton of penalties to hit, the always hitting on a 3+ is incredible. Hilariously though, it says regardless of any modifiers, so they can never get a bonus to hit either.

Falcon: A solid tank that has decent anti-tank, and anti-infantry. I'd recommend Shurikan Cannons to keep the point cost down, unless you aren't using it as a transport. It can carry 6 models, so I usually put Fire Dragons inside.

Wave Serpent: The other transport that is likely infamous at this point. It's Serpent Shield reduced enemy damage by 1, but can also be used as a once per game smite on a 2+. Again, it's likely moving around a lot, so I suggest sticking to Shurikan Cannons, but it can take twin heavy weapons of pretty much any Eldar heavy weapon.

Nightspinner: It's got a slightly stronger, 2D6 Shadow Weaver. But at 140 points, you could take a full squad of 3 Shadow Weavers for a lot less. So Shadow Weavers do the exact same job better for less points. Just use them instead.

Fire Prisms: Holy carp these guys got a massive buff. The prism cannon has 3 modes of fire, D6 S6 AP -3 1 D, D3 S9 -4AP D3 D, or 1 S12, -5 AP D6 D. Most of the time, you'll want the D3 S9 shots. But most importantly, they get to fire twice if they move under half their movement. With a range of 60 inches, they pretty much never need to move. Add in Linked Fire, and they can repeatedly deliver a brutal Alpha Strike on your opponent.

Spoiler: Flyers
Crimson Hunter/Exarch: An extra mobile flyer who gets to reroll to wound against enemy flyers. Can only take Heavy Weapons, but starts at 2+ to hit to make up for it. If you are taking Ilyanden it won't degrade til 3 wounds, so it'll be hitting on 3+ for most of the game. For 15 points, the Exarch gets to reroll 1s to hit. It can be kinda hard to keep them near an Autarch, so that's a worth while upgrade.

Hemlock Wraithfighter: A nasty piece of work guaranteed to get people to throw dice at you. Just as mobile as the Crimson Hunter, it comes with Spirit Stones, so it has a 6+++ base, enemies take a -2 to LD when within 12 of it, and it can cast a single power. The Warlock powers are good, but it can only throw out the nerfs and none of the buffs. Usually I'd go with Jinx. But now for the important part. The Hemlock drops 2D3 auto hits on any unit within 16 inches at S12 AP-4 and 2 D. Ow. Just ow. And of course, it's got Hard to Hit which stacks with Altoic so you'll often be hitting it at -2.

Spoiler: Lords of War
The Wraithknight: It's a lot like an imperial knight, you can run it melee or shooting. As cool as the Heavy Wraithcannons are, they mean you don't have an invulnerable save. But that is 4 S16 shots. But overall I'd say melee mode is better. The 5++ is huge, and it's better damage. Suncannons is weird. You get the 5++, but you become much better at dealing with small units rather then other Titantic stuff. I'd actually suspect it's the best of the three if it weren't so expensive. Anyways, if you're taking a Wraithknight, you'll be running it with Iyanden for the extra durability. Also with the relic you can lay down 24 attacks against the small stuff, or just 8 big punches.

Sadly at 450 point minimum, I can't recommend them. Take 4 Wraithlords instead, with Ghostglaives. You gain 16 Wounds, are likely even or slightly cheaper in points, and still do D6 damage in close combat. You have the same base amount of attacks per Wraithlord, even if you can't multiple it against weak stuff.