Meanwhile, Dawn Blossom was making her way out of the engine room where she had been checking on the wind shield, making sure it had suffered no damage during their escape from the Frozen North. It took some focus for her not to leave immediately, curious as to what was happening upstairs, but she did her work first, leaving just in time to hear everything that was going on, and ... oh. That was a lot of ponies. Suddenly, she felt a bit nervous and self-conscious. What would everyone think about her being on the ship? She knew even some of her own crew disagreed with the decision, what would these complete strangers think? As this occurred to her, she ... certainly didn't hide behind any of the bigger ponies, no, that would be ridiculous. That said, she couldn't exactly help it if the bigger ponies were in the way and she couldn't get past them -- it was a very narrow ramp, you see.