Amitok are the brute relatives of Hobgoblins. They are broad shouldered, powerful, and covered in white or blue-grey fur. Their hairless faces and hands are pale blue, and their fingers are clawed. Small tusks jut from their lower jaw.

+6 Str, +2 Con, -4 Int, +2 Wis, -2 Cha
Size Class: Medium
Humanoid with the Goblinoid Subtype
Base speed 30 ft.
Dark Vision 60'
+3 Natural AC Bonus
Poison Resistance: Amitok gain a +4 Racial Bonus on saving throws against poison.
Snow Camouflage (Ex): In snowy, arctic environments, the Amitok gain the Camouflage ability (see the Ranger ability of the same name in the PH).
An Amitok has 2 Racial Hit Dice, giving it the following: 2d8 Hit Points, +1 base Attack Bonus, +3 Fort Save, +0 Ref Save, +0 Will Save, and (2 + Int modifier) skill points per level (with times 4 skill points for the first level). Class skills are Climb, Hide, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, Spot and Survival. It also gets 1 Feat. Amitok get Cold Resistance and Improved Cold Resistance as Bonus Feats.
Amitok have a Primary Claw attack doing 1d4 plus Str Modifier, with 2 Claws on a Full Attack.
Amitok automatically speak Goblin. Bonus languages are rare, as it would require someone making peaceful contact with their remote and hostile tribe.
Level Adjustment: +1
Favored Class: Barbarian

Adulthood: 14
Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer: +1d4
Bard, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger: +1d6
Cleric, Druid, Monk, Wizard: +2d6

Middle Age: 30
Old: 45
Venerable: 60
Maximum Age: +2d10 years

Base Height: Male: 5'10" Female: 5'8"
Height Modifier: +2d10"
Base Weight: Male: 500 lbs Female: 400 lbs
Weight Modifier: x5 lbs.

Most people will look down on you because they consider you an unintelligent brute. kind of are a brute, but you don't feel that lets people give you the short end. Which is the polite way of saying you beat up a lot of civilized people.
Adventuring Race: Why members of this class go on adventures.
Character Development: Try to find a reason you would tolerate the other members of the party, let alone work with them. Unless they're all Amitok as well, or your leader has ordered you to, you aren't really a 'joiner'.
Character Names:

Quick generalization about playing a member of this race.
Personality: Fear is not allowed among your people. Even if you're afraid, you're required to charge toward the source of your fear. You've quickly learned to make screams of terror sound like barbaric war cries.
Behaviors: The Amitok are obsessed with survival at any cost, so you spend much time refining the necessary skills.
Language: Amitok speak a degenerated version of Goblin, and have no written language.

The Amitok are primitives with only the barest semblance of society. Neandertals are more advanced than they are.
Alignment : Amitok are only concerned with the tribes survival, so almost all of them are Neutraal, and most are Evil as well.
Lands : Amitok generally only live in arctic or subarctic climates with cave systems, and a lack of other nearby races.
Settlements : Amitok do not leave their region unless cast out.
Beliefs : Virtually all Amitok worship Cryonax. How and why this has happened is unknown at this point.
Relations: Amitok hate and despise most other races, even other Goblinoids, and consider them food. Some tribes will occasionally partner with Quaggoths, whom they are often mistaken for.

A Frost Giant has moved in on your tribes territory, and you think it's time he got shown the door.
Priests of a strange foreign race claim to be here to 'return' you to the worship of their heathen God. They're little too, so stomping them should be easy.
Cryonax has sent the Shamans visions of never ending winter, in which your people overrun the world. Now they want you to hwlp make it a reality. As if you knew something about making it snow.

Amitok Racial Feats

The Amitok are well known for being fanatic in defense of their homes.
Prerequisites: Amitok
Benefits: When defending their homes or one another the Amitok gain a +2 Morale Bonus on Attack rolls. If exiled, the DM may optionally rule this Bonus applies to the Amitok's new home/adopted family (assuming it gets one).

Amitok are also infamous for their anger
Prerequisites: Amitok, Loyalty, Rage
Benefits: When defending their homes or one another (or when using Rage) the Amitok gain a +2 Morale Bonus on Damage rolls.

The Amitok will attack anything.
Prerequisites: Amitok, Loyalty, 6 Hit DIce
Benefits: You are now Immune to Fear.

Ice Cohort
You have a companion of a sort.
Prerequisites: Amitok, 7 Hit Dice
Benefits: This is identical to the Wild Cohort Feat, except you gain a Hoar Fox as a Cohort. At 13th Level you may choose a Winter Wolf instead

Amitok Racial Substitution Levels

Level 1: Amitok use the Trap Sense variant listed on page 41 of Frostburn. Instead of Fast Movement you gain Snowrunner as a Bonus Feat.

Level 1: The only Domains Amitok Clerics get are Cold and Evil.