alright, once again updating things because out with the old, in with the new, and hey, sometimes I can make cool things. There have been multiple small updates, mostly just to tweak the various abilities and make the wording more clear, but a few major changed for the mid-to-late game have been made for this class!

Firstly, and most importantly, Bonded Transposition has been traded out for Crimson Sight. Because Transposition was just super niche and just another thing players had to remember, and a bit too overtly magical for this martial, primal powered class, while Crimson Sight just fits the theme of a sentinel and is a passive benefit that will be easier to remember due to that very virtue. Now note, it only gives BlindSENSE, which means you cannot actually SEE any creatures that are invisible around you, so you still have disadvantage on attack rolls against them. However, you do know which space they are actually standing in, so you and your allies don't have to guess ala pop goes the weasle with them. I also only added the clause about your blood-bonded allies being able to sense enemies around you as well since, with Bonded Communication, they basically could anyway.

The second major change is that Exultant Slaughterer (the level 17 Body Enhancement) now only gives you 3 hit dice back after you kill an enemy, rather than 5. This part of the feature can still only be used once per long rest. However, it also gained a feature that allows you to expend a hit die whenever you kill an enemy, and recover hit points based off of them during combat. So even if you don't short rest that often or take the other ability that allows you to expend your hit dice upon being hit as a reaction, you can still put the extra hit dice from this ability to good use.

And those were the major changes. Also, this thread is open for feedback once again if people wanted to look at it and comment!