[slight backpost]

Absently munching on the food Oleg (and the bandits) had provided and staring at the fire, Dergosh looked up when Ruk offered additional food. “Thank you, Ruk, but save it for now. We have plenty from Oleg, but maybe…” he looked thoughtful, “…maybe Greenbelt not want to give up so easily.” He was quiet for a long time, a sure sign he was thinking. Finally he added, “That’s why needed to kill cow. Not right being cooked alive. I think Greenbelt not like if we left cow alive.” He shrugged, unable to articulate his thoughts any more clearly.

Then the lights began flickering his companion’s head. “NO!” Dergosh shouted, scrambling to his feet and reaching for his spears. “We are not letting Gakan be cooked like a cow!”