Spoiler: Rocket, Nessy, Roxan

The group is directed down a worn dirt road, the grass ground into dirt by hundreds of hooves walking them every day. The white tents these ponies lived in did not seem to be particularly great, having probably no more than 20 square hooves of floor space, but it worked, for the time being. That said, the tents seemed to be in decent condition, and you could see the occasional brick or stone wall around them. Most no higher than your head, but a few looked like they only needed a roof lowered atop them before they were functional buildings, even if the pane glasses were missing from obvious window frames. Some stones were even being laid as you walk by. There didn't seem to be many ponies out in this time of day, but a few could be seen doing perfectly ordinary things, like tending to small vegetable gardens or pulling a cart. Some of whom looked up at the group, rather expressionlessly, before looking away.

You come to one large stone structure with several Honestian guardsponies in light steel barding, and the crest of the Kingdom of Honesty on their helmets. They sat in the midday sun, leaning on the cobalt blue stone wall behind them. As they saw the trio approach, you could probably hear one of them snorting in annoyance.

Not again. Ahem... The guard stands up. Citizen, if you have a complaint, please write it down and put it in the box. He indicated to a cardboard box set up on a nearby table that was overflowing with paper.

*sigh* Or don't, I don't care.

Spoiler: Mossy and Dawn

The two are directed to a pretty large stone building that, even at this distance, could be seen in the middle of town. Their procession was met with several ponies going about their daily routines. The crowd growing thicker with colorful ponies of all kinds, but amidst the sound of hooves on the dirt road or wooden wheels turning, hardly any voices could be heard. Everypony simply walked past the group with little more than a curious glance. As they approached the structure, various kiosks could be seen, selling a certain kind of fruit, vegetable, or even some tools. Ponies passed by and exchanged at them in hushed tones and went about their business with a nervous franticness. All seemed to stem from a large stone barn-like structure, resembling an oversized tunnel with a wide opening on either side. On both walls were dozens of stands and kiosks, much like those outside, but far more energetic as ponies moved about, shopping for their needs and beyond. Leaving with bags full of groceries or supplies, as other ponies entered with carts full of fresh produce to restock the stands.

According to Overgrown, Esoteric Reprisal runs this place.