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    The Complete Compendium of Requilac's D&D 5e homebrew

    Please note that any content I make is designed "in a vacuum" where considerations is not given to multiclassing or interactions with other player options. If you are a DM who is planning on allowing a player to use this content, I advise you to monitor what your player's build is with close scrutiny so that they do not take advantage of unexpected synergies which could compromise the intended balance of the homebrewed content.

    The Necronomicon; an >30 Page Long Lovecraftian Mini-Supplement

    The Investigator Base Class Won 3rd place in the 1st GitP 5e base class contest

    The Deep Spawn Base Class Won 2nd place in the 2nd GitP 5e Base Class Contest, but that is not much of an accomplishment because there where only three legal entries.

    The Firestorm Avatar Base Class

    The Porkstalker Ranger Conclave

    Way of the Dragon Monk Martial Archetype

    Cephalofolk Race

    Yubsharasehn Vampyres Won 1st place in the GitP Monster Design Contest: Shapeshifters

    Creature Templates

    Even More Silly Dragons (permenant WIP)

    Broodmother Spawn For A Fat Dragon's homebrew Broodmother Patron for warlocks

    Mist Elemental Upon VoxRationis' request for a creature summonable by the Conjure Elemental spell
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    I have designed a Gothic Horror TTRPG built for actual play performances. If you want to play some sessions using it or talk theory, read more about it here!

    My D&D 5e Homebrew Content

    The Necronomicon. An >30 Page Cthulhu Mythos Supplement

    Faerie Vampyre Monsters. Won 1st place in the GitP Monster Design Contest: Shapeshifters.

    Check here for my extended homebrew signature!